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New Sig time! P365

Just picked up a P365. My first Sig Sauer pistol ever. What a sweet little carry gun. Tiny Kahr PM9 sized (fits my custom made PM9 leather pocket holster perfectly) with chunky, heavy Glock 26 10+1 capacity. Amazing design, awesome trigger, great all metal night sights, etc out of the box for $500 out the door. I’ve only had one range session with it and ran 250 rounds through it of mixed ball and defensive HP carry ammo. Zero issues. Can’t believe that I may have found something that could knock my G43 out of pocket carry rotation and I LOVE the G43. Need more range and test time with the P365 before I start carrying it, though.


I have both the G43 and MP shield 9mm, both are in the safe now! ever since I bought the Sig 365, no brainier, upgraded mag to 12+1. Now my IW carry, https://bluestarholsters.com/inside-the-waistband/.
have not found any negatives on it yet.


I carried a Glock 27 on duty for over 10 yrs and for most of the 11 yrs I’ve been retired, until I got my first Sig. I am partial to their 1911 45’s and now have three (5in, 4in & 3in) I always considered Glock to be a very functional gun. Sigs are a whole different level. I have LOTS of upgrades to my Glock, The Sigs are superior out of the box in every way.


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Agreed, and it looks like it might be staying that way for me for carry purposes. I had to send my P365 back in. I should be getting it back tomorrow, so the reliability testing gets to start all over. Sorry, but five FTExtracts and two light strikes in less than 300rds does not a reliable carry gun make, especially since that all happened in only 50 rds after the first perfect 250rds on a freshly cleaned and lubed gun. Hope they fixed it. I’ve never had a Glock malfunction in my first 300 rounds out of the box after cleaning and lubing as a carry reliability test. In fact, I’ve NEVER had any sort of light strike with any type of centerfire ammo in any type of firearm, so “yay” for Sig as that’s a new one to me. And, they were supposed to have fixed the striker issue since that was a huge problem early on. :-1:


The P365 is a relatively new model gun. with that being said I’m not surprised there were issues once it got into the hands of 1000’s of users and some issues arose. New technology often seems to work well until it gets to the street. I’ve ridden Harleys for
years and have owned nine, a 1995 and 2000-2007. Each had it’s own unique quirks every time they came out with new technology. I usually waited at least a year or two after the “new” technology to make sure all the bugs were worked out. The same seems to
be evident in firearms. If a gun has issues in it’s initial release, I would tend to wait until the “street” tells me that any issues have been worked out. Additionally 300rounds out of a new gun without cleaning, especially since this is the “breakin” period,
seems a bit excessive. Also the P365 is a shorter barreled gun which typically are much more sensitive to overall bullet length than a full length - 4-5 inch barrel gun. What works dependably in a longer barreled gun doesn’t always apply to shorter barreled
handguns. Look to see where your rounds are impacting on the feed ramp. This becomes much more visible when you have fired a number of rounds and have built up some carbon. If those rounds are hitting the feed ramp in the lower third, then the problem may
be with the overall length of the cartridges you are using. Remember that shorter barrel/slide weapons cycle faster than full size or carry size guns (5in or 4in) As I’ve said I have three Sig 1911’s. The standard 45acp round is a 230gr. This works fine in
a 5in, and even most often in a 4in, but the recommended round for a 3in is a 200gr, or even a 185 gr to prevent the type of problems you are seeing.

Some of this info comes from personal experience, some of it from Bill Wilson of Wilson Combat, one of the top names in firearms manufacturing.

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Not really. It’s been out for 1.5 years and has been through at least three revisions. Mine has the manual thumb safety, which is the latest version and my “born on date” was a mere three weeks before I got it. A company like Sig should have had all its shit in one sock a long time ago with this, especially knowing how many people would buy a Kahr PM9 sized pistol with Glock 26 capacity.


I didn’t have any feed issues. Somehow, during extraction, the extractor claw lost control of the rim and left the fired case partially in the chamber resulting in a “double feed” situation as the next round on top of the magazine jammed into the back of it. To clear it, you have to rip the mag out and that was noticeable because it was really jammed in there. Then you have to clear the chamber/ejection port and reinsert the mag or resort to a backup mag, re-chamber and get back in. No bueno. That shit will get you killed in a gunfight as a simple tap-rack/roll-bang won’t clear it.

I examined the chamber and extractor with a jeweler’s loupe magnification and didn’t find anything amiss. Again, hope Sig fixed it and tells me exactly what they did.


I’m sorry to hear these are still having issues. On paper, they’re amazing. A 10 round semi auto smaller than the Shield? And having shot one, the trigger is great and I like the sights.

I’ve considered getting a regular P365 for deep concealment and possibly on duty backup, and the XL slide with an optic for general concealed carry use.

I was just showing a girl interested in concealed carry the P365 and she really liked the look of it. And on paper, 10 rounders for concealed carry and 15s for home defense is a winning combo.

But if they’re still having critical issues…I don’t want to be the 1 in however many.


That’s the frustrating thing. It’s a GREAT gun…conceptually… I have a Kahr PM9 and that thing is a tiny 9mm single stack. The P365 is the same size and it even fits my PM9 holsters. It’s a negligible amount longer (less than 1/4 inch) in the slide/barrel length and, maybe, a fingernail thicker at the widest part of the grip. The trigger is great along with the stock all metal night sights. I want this thing to work and, again, I hope Sig fixes it. If I get it early enough tomorrow, it’s going straight to the range.


Yeah, I may end up getting one down the line–the flexibility of if is just so promising. I hope they continue to iron things out. At the very least I’d want to really put a lot of rounds through it first. I’ve never heard of real issues with Smith and Wesson (my primary defensive guns) so I’m not too worried about carrying one out of the box.

But a 365 would get at least 1000 rounds with the way things are now.


I agree, but that shit ain’t cheap, even with the cheapest ball range ammo. I’m at 300rds and, now, I have to start all over when I get it back. :roll_eyes:

But, for really small carry, at least I have a tried and true Glock 43. And, a great Ruger LCP II, which I expected to be problematic, but it’s been awesome so far.


Yeah I know it. A good portion of the cost of the gun itself. Still, seems like a lot of the issues are popping up relatively early. Maybe they’ll eventually get it right.

And yeah I’ve got a CCW rotation, all Smith and Wesson (2.0c, Shield 40, and now 642). It’s what I know and what I’ve trained with. As much as I like the idea of the P365, $450 or so, plus testing ammo, plus maybe the XL slide and optic would be a huge expense for a gun I’m not totally sure I’d trust.

Definitely keep us posted. A coworker got one recently, gonna have him do the same.


WILCO :+1:

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I would still consider 1.5 yrs as relatively new. That’s one of the reasons I am partial to the 1911’s. That system has been around for over 100 yrs.


Hey there while this is not the directly related to the p365 I’m discussing my experiences with the P320 X5 which is more of a competition gun I really love the feel and the way it handles as a gun it performs quite well I do not miss my glock thumb anymore and really wanted this pistol to be my go-to however I started having major issues after round count 4-500 that it would simply not going to battery I would have to Rack it every single time I sent it back to Sig and they told me that the extractor was bent and was preventing it from going into battery and I was scratching my head as to what would cause that I put a call in through Springer Precision who is known for lots of their Sig upgrades and I talked to some gentleman there who’s been doing this for a long time and he said you mean they still haven’t fixed that issue and I’m scratching my head and saying what issue and he said well on those guns when they go to slide lock when you do a Mag change and if you’re in the process of doing a quick reload while running and gunning you have the potential to push it a little too hard and thereby bend the extractor which will prevent it from going into battery if you bend it just enough and he said I thought they fixed that by putting special stops on the magazine bottoms and I responded well yes I can see the plastic bottoms that actually go up slightly to the side of the magazine that would prevent it from being over inserted it does not go past that but maybe I was personally jamming it in with muscle memory and not looking I can tell you on any and all my Glocks that has never occurred so now I have to remember that if I’m at slide lock I need to gently insert the magazine.??? now tell me if that’s something one wants on their pistol.
I don’t …just relating my experiences


What’s that? I’ve been carrying and shooting Glocks for decades and never had any kind of mashy/pinchy thumb thing going on. :grinning:


I haven’t had an issue with my thumb, but I am having significant problems with “Glock Knuckle” with my latest Gen 4 mod 27. In the Gen 4 they cut the back of the trigger guard up higher at the back. Supposedly so you can get a higher grip on it. It results in a painful impact to the large knuckle on the middle finger. Discovered this right after I got it and had to do my annual retired officer recert. Pretty painful ad very distracting with both left and right handed shooting. Look up “Glock Knuckle” on the internet, apparently this is common on the latest generation of Glocks. I carried a “gen 1” Glock 27 for over 10 yrs on the PD and never experienced any such problems. It’s in the safe now and I carry Sig 1911’s in 45acp


I see that for a lot of the Sig models they are getting their mags manufactured by some other company. The ones that came with my 1911 C3 and my 1911 compact didn’t exactly impress me with their quality. It’s why they were put away for range use only and I invested in Wilson Combat ETM mags. In your case it seems like the mags are the weak link in the system. Magazines in a gun are like tires on your car, they are likely to wear out long before the car/gun. They need to be rotated and replaced when “mileage” gets high. Sometimes you just need to get newer higher performance ones. Standard tires on my off-road pickup just won’t get the job done. Price is higher but performance is worth it.


FTExtracts aren’t usually a magazine induced failure and light strikes certainly aren’t. Again, I didn’t have any feeding issues.