M*CARBO Brotherhood

New Sig time! P365

Just picked up a P365. My first Sig Sauer pistol ever. What a sweet little carry gun. Tiny Kahr PM9 sized (fits my custom made PM9 leather pocket holster perfectly) with chunky, heavy Glock 26 10+1 capacity. Amazing design, awesome trigger, great all metal night sights, etc out of the box for $500 out the door. I’ve only had one range session with it and ran 250 rounds through it of mixed ball and defensive HP carry ammo. Zero issues. Can’t believe that I may have found something that could knock my G43 out of pocket carry rotation and I LOVE the G43. Need more range and test time with the P365 before I start carrying it, though.


I have both the G43 and MP shield 9mm, both are in the safe now! ever since I bought the Sig 365, no brainier, upgraded mag to 12+1. Now my IW carry, https://bluestarholsters.com/inside-the-waistband/.
have not found any negatives on it yet.