New SCCY CPX 2 Spring kit. Dead trigger

Just got my spring kit for my CPx2. Followed the video but I am still getting a dead trigger. I really liked the video online but are there any others that may show a different angle so I can see what I am doing incorrectly?



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It can be frustrating following a video sometimes, but my guess would be you connected either the trigger return or the hammer spring wrong. The only advice I can offer is to start over and follow the video step by step. You might find others on Youtube who have done videos. Pause the video frequently while you do each step.

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can you spot any errors?

That’s the video from Galloway Precision. Bear in mind he’s installing their trigger kit, so parts may look slightly different, but it should be mostly the same.

Thank you

my trigger bar does not have that slot. I just have a cut out notch. is this messing things up?


When you have it assembled, is the hammer under spring tension? If so, then your trigger/trigger bar/return spring combination is wrong somehow. It could also be that you have the trigger itself oriented wrong on the trigger pin (the trigger is lose on the pin, and the pin is rotating while the trigger is also rotating).

I wouldn’t necessarily attribute a difference in the trigger bar to anything, as long as there’s a enough surface for the spring to catch, it should work (provided it’s oriented correctly).

SCCY has lots of revisions in parts for pistols of the same model (it’s one of the things I can’t stand about them). Some see it as a good thing, improving the model while it’s on the market.

I figured out my error. I had done everything correctly, but I had not set the trigger cam deep enough. I smacked it a few more times with my punch and hammer and now it works great.

thanks for all your help.


Glad you got it running!

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