New Ruger LCP Max Trigger Spring Kit

Was wondering if anyone has installed the new trigger spring kit for the LCP Max, and if so, would love to hear your feedback on shooting the Max before/after installation. Thanks


Yes, and I posted a review on the Mcarbo website under the spring kit parts section.

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Thanks Miz for the great feedback!

Thanks for letting me know. I think I’ll order it and do exactly what you’ve done. I currently have the Galloway Sigurd, but will try the Mcarbo trigger. I like the fact they drilled a hole in the safety so you can push the pin out with a hex key instead of removing the safety blade to access removal of the pin. Great thinking there.

Installed it on mine had ordered it the day it was released. The install video is great and recommend watching it before installing. Like the fact when dry firing the spring doesn’t have that annoying twangy sound. I installed the 12lb spring as its my carry gun don’t want any light strikes. Now we just need a way to remove the slide rattling too much play. I also installed the new trigger at same time. No more bite of the finger. So together a real nice trigger pull with no takeup. One not thou you need a slightly bigger set screw a real bitch to adjust with that tiny wrench. All in all very happy with it.