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New pin for the charging handle

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The new charging handle pin is a great idea. If you’re anticipating trying to install this pin yourself let me give you some advice. I am turning 68, I have gone through three neck surgeries, so I have weakness in my arms because of the injuries. I tried to do this simple pin change and I failed at it, not enough arm strength to compress the spring. I sent it into Mcarbo so that they could install it. If you have any weakness in your arms save yourself the frustration of trying to install this pin yourself. I have done may Mcarbo upgrade to my Sub2000 myself, without issues. This is my first issue, so this is just a heads up, my experience. I think that M*carbo innovations for the Sub2000 are great.


@Mark1952 What did MCARBO charge you?

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The cost was $35.00 that includes return shipping. They will E-mail you the bill, as soon as you receive the bill you’ll need to pay it, then they will release the part for return shipment back to you. This is the Mcarbo web page for the form you will need to get the spring and pin to Mcarbo gunsmith. Jamie at M*carbo was very helpful.

www.mcarbo.com/Gun Shop/Customer-Order-Form-v07.27.2020.pdf

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I’m in the same(ish) boat. 68 with some arthritis. After failing at the install twice, I decided to take a break. Poured myself a bourbon and re-watched the install video.

Found a different/simpler(?) way to install the new charging handle locking pin.

Follow Chris’s video up to 14:24 where he inserts the Allen key between the coils through the guide rod pieces.

With the key installed about halfway through, instead of trying to compress the top portion (really difficult for my 68-year-old, arthritic hands) and hold several tools at the same time, hold the key and turn the lower portion of the guide rod spring to fully compress that portion of the spring.

I was able to compress it enough to allow the removal of the end cap and install the locking pin (using only a flat head screwdriver to hold the rod apart) without further compressing, using a microblade or a third hand. Then just unwind using the allen key. Function check was fine. Took it to the range yesterday and shot just as before. Field stripping is truly easier.

Hope this helps other who struggle.