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New Parts list for sub 2000

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I just bought a new sub2000. I already have the flip up scope mount. ( early Bird). Could you post a message of everything you have to customize it? I’ve seen a few different complete packages. But there has been new parts added since then. I want to order everything at one time.

Thanks for your consideration.

Tom Wall- Vietnam Vet


@Sheriff Welcome to the Brotherhood!

I was sure there was a Sub2k mod thread that might help you out but I’ll be damned if I can find it to link to it at the moment. Also, be aware they’ve got a metal hammer bushing in the works, guessing it will be out sooner than later.


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Welcome to the MCarbo Brotherhood. Many thanks for your civil and community service, brother!


@Sheriff Hi, welcome. I’m new here too. Looks to be the place to bring an OEM 2000 up to a reliable shooter. Enjoy!:heart_eyes:


Howdy, Guess the only advice would be to add the internal component mod items. all at once, with the Sub2K open. The cosmetic can be done at your leisure. I let my adult children get involved as a bonding time event(s). This has always been a fun way to explain to them safety and about personal responsibility. They each have the " Freedom Sticks " of their own. Welcome to the Brotherhood , MedicMike


@Sheriff Welcome to the Brotherhood,And Another Nam Brother’ for our Great Group Here :+1:


Thanks I look forward to upgrading mine as soon as possible.



@Sheriff Tom’ Trigger Springs. Trigger Bar(Big Improvement in Slop and Play as to Reset) Updated pins and screws,Updated Feed Ramp,Charging handle and Bolt Tube Bushing/ Life Saver, Metal Trigger and Trigger Guard, Muzzle Brake.
These are Just a few,That makes it Fun!:point_up:
As Far as getting it all, You can for Now, But We the (Hood) and Mcarbo Just keep coming up with Great Products and Ideas for the Sub 2000’ Then its off to Production, As Per Approval by Chris, and the Brotherhood Feed Back. Enjoy and Welcome again to the Brotherhood.

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Welcome to the Brotherhood. You’ll find all kinds of discussions. Some are even related to firearms!

Thanks for your military and public service.

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Welcome to the Brotherhood @Sheriff Tom

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Good advice here. You’ll feel great once you get it back together and working correctly, but you won’t want to do it again. It sucks having to remove the buffer tube cover (if applicable), re-crack off the collar if you have the older style and re-glue/Locktite it back on, etc. Buy all the internals you think you want and then some and do it all at once. You have that luxury. We “older” guys had to do it multiple times because we installed something and then, damn! Chris came out with another internal part we just had to have. :rofl: