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New P220 Legion Carry SAO

Looks sweet. I really like this one.


You should probably buy one. Or two. Then send me one. :smiling_imp:

Pretty much all the Legion gear looks great. I can’t speak specifically for it relative to the P220 but I’m warming to my P220 full size and the P220 Carry Elite is a nice little shooter. Seems I’ve quickly become a big fan of handguns chambered in Vienna Cocktail Sausage. :grinning:


Hey, I picked up the P226 SAO Legion with optic. This is such a slick handgun, surely my favorite when it comes to speed and accuracy. The trigger is phenomenal, just as I had hoped it would be, and now my off-hand shooting is equal to my previous bench shooting (the combination of trigger and optic is that good).


@pdub, welcome to the forum. Congratulations on your new purchase. I used to own the P229 Legion and loved it, but sold it to get a CZ S2. It was hard to beat the trigger strait out of the box.

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