New order just arrived!

Howdy fellas!
Thanks for this forum. My son had bought a CZ P-07 off an auction here in Idaho. I know, not all of the members are allowed to buy such things in your home states, but here in Idaho…we can!
Anyway…he bought it and it was pink…yep, PINK! A pink CZ!!! I served in the Army and in 1985 I was stationed in W. Germany. I bought a CZ 75 for $150 and that thing is sweet!! It was my backup piece when I patrolled the mean streets in Dallas, Texas in the early '90s. Anyway, my boy bought the pink CZ because he knew the meaning of my CZ75! He sent it out to get cerakoted and now, it is a sweet piece! Problem is, the springs are way too hard. I bought the new springs from you guys and hope to put it together tomorrow. I also bought a new match-grade barrel from Primary Machining. I’m hoping for any advice on the new “skinny jean CZ” and what else I can do to make it hit the broader side of the barn. (I had to check the barrel to see if the lead was stuck at the tip on my first trip to the range!).
Any advice?