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New order for my Remington 597

Just placed an order for the new Picatinny rail for the 597 and are excited to have it.
The last order I placed where the Trigger job Pro-Kit upgrade. I where very very happy with that upgrade as it made the rifle almost feel like a brand new one. The handling and the smoothness made it so much more fun to shoot as it also made me more accurate.

Now I see forward to the rail, and how it will make my favorite .22 lr rifle shine even more :slightly_smiling_face:

Now, have anyone here bought it and tested it out already? Anyone that can tell me what to excpect?

Anders Olsson


@ Anders Keep us posted. Looks much more versatile than the Weaver rail I have on my 597.


@Anders keep me posted on how it goes i might be interested for my 597


Sure, I will do that. Got notification today that my order now have been shipped :slight_smile: Awesome speed on the order-team!!


im outta likes AGAIN :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


16 long days of waiting is over. I have finally got my Picatinny rail from Mcarbo yesterday, and today I mounted it.
The fit where OUTSTANDING, it just fitted perfectly thight, smooth and not even a tiny little bit of wiggle there. I send along some pics and maybe maybe I will be able to edit together a movie as I filmed when I opened and mounted it. But it may be too long sequence of film, and hard to edit. Time will tell. but you all have some pics here now. From me I send a HUGE thanks to MCARBO for this product!

With warm regards
Anders Olsson


@Anders Looks nice on the rifle, what optic and or sight do you have in mind? Also, what is the bolt handle you have?


Hi Festus!
Thanks, I also think it looks awesome. I am about to buy a Nikko Sterling Mountmaster, actually tomorrow in this shop:
That scope are on reduced price now, and are good for a .22 I have heard.

The charge handle I actually found here, on the very forum we are on now. There is a thread about the weak original charging handle on the 597, and there are a guy who makes new better ones. He also makes an extended magazine release so I orded one of thos aswell. Look closely at the first pic in my post and you will see the extended mag relase :slight_smile:

The guy goes under the name “Remington man Dave” on facebook and I give you the link to his facebook here:

He make these handles very very nice, and he whee really helpful with all the ordering and shipping, eventhough I live in Sweden he shipped and posted it and helped out with everything. Go and have a look there. I have posted on his page :slight_smile:
Hope this will help you!



@Anders Nice looking scope from what I could ascertain. Thanks for the information and link for Remington Man Dave, I do like the bolt handle!


You are welcome! I have got very much help here myself so I just pass it along :slight_smile:
I wanted to make an update and post some pics with my new scope I bought and mounted yesterday. To my big surprise the picatinny rail, where so perfectly made so when I mounted the scope, after I had checked it where zeroed from the factory using the mirror method it where just a few clicks away when I cheded it with my laser boresight.
Amazing!!! This means I have full range on my adjustment both up and down, left and right from start :slight_smile: How cool isn´t that?
Thanks Mcarbo for this!!

Warm regards
Anders Olsson, Sweden


Looks great! You did a good job.


@Anders yes looks very nice and great with the scope :+1: :+1: :+1: :ireland:


Thanks! I also think it looks nice, but the best part it is that the rifle feels so much better and shoots as good as I ever hoped for. It is way more accurate than I am haha, so I am the limit there now.

I also have swapped out the scope, and put a really good one on to ot.
Athlon NEOS 6-18X44 and this scope is clear as a day, sharp as a pin and a really good eye-relief on.
Here are some new pic, and I also cold-blue the bolthandle from Remington Man Dave :slight_smile: