M*CARBO Brotherhood

New Moderator(s) & Forum Updates/Rules PLEASE READ!


Late to the news desk I’ve been busy at work, just wanted to say thanks and congrats to @Kona for being an informative contributor and now a mod for this great community. Nice pick @ChrisNelson


Thank you all for the well wishes :pray:. Greatly appreciate the vote of confidence!


Ha! Just getting back in town, glad @Flogrown brought this back up. Congrats man! You’re a super fun read, great content and videos, great fun to spend time with here. Have fun!!:+1:


We have one more New Moderator in the forum now! We’ve reached out 5 person staff limit as per the discourse platform plan we’re hosted on.

Here is the COC breakdown:
Myself as Admin, @Wedge as Moderator, @Matt as Moderator, @Kona as Moderator and our Newest… @Boomchucker as Moderator!

@Boomchucker is officially a New Moderator of the M*CARBO Brotherhood Forum!

@Boomchucker has been with the Fourm for a long time as has made a lot of positive contributions along the way. He’s a level 3 member and was nominated by other level 3 members. Member Trust Levels are determined by the forum automatically. It definitely takes a lot to get to level 3 status.

Please congratulate @Boomchucker with me for volunteering to help out around the forum. He is our 5th and last staff member to assist in growing and further developing the forum. I’m confident he will do just that!

@Boomchucker thank you for volunteering to help and looking forward to working together!


@Boomchucker another excellent choice! BTW the forum is 15 members shy of 1,500 now and what a great group of folks that have signed on. Looking forward to all the future informative and entertaining interactions here! :+1:


Good luck boomchucker as moderator you earned it


congratulations to Boomchucker for taking on the responsibility of reigning in the group of people that hang out here.:joy::+1:


Congrats @Boomchucker! Good choice :ok_hand:t2:


@Boomchucker & @Kona Congrats to both Logan and JB for being chosen as our new Moderators. I’m sure they’ll keep us all in line.


Aww Dude’s!! I’m really taken aback! Seriously. Cos I consider myself in the company of very Big Dogs in so many ways, and I look up you all. You could say I’m out of my league, but trust me, my genuine love and interest in what we’re all doing here, at forum.mcarbo.com is second to none; and I promise to help make it a great place to visit, hang out and learn more about our guns.

Thank you thank you!!:blush:


Congrats and welcome to the fold, Boomchucker! I wonder who got bumped to open up that slot. LOL I replaced someone who was basically never here. Can’t mod if you don’t participate!


happy to see you taking this new position. @Boomchucker


@Kona & @Boomchucker congratulations and great job to the both of you.


Hey @Boomchucker … Boom.


Deja vu all over agin:smile: Congratulations Boomchucker R S


Congrats to @kona and @Boomchucker!!!


Congrats boom! @Boomchucker


Thanks guys. This is gonna be fun!!:+1:


So, who are all the mods now? I’ve got me, Boom, Kona and Matt. I saw that Ken/KM55 changed his title to “former admin”, so is he now also moderator or is it just we four along with our Prez, Chris?


I found it under “Admin” on the community health page. There’s a moderator tab there, too, and it shows everyone. You, me, Boom and Matt.