M*CARBO Brotherhood

New Moderator(s) & Forum Updates/Rules PLEASE READ!


I’m posting the Forum Rules Bylaws so we can review them and in case no one has read them. If you have anything to suggest for additions or subtractions I would like to hear it!

Thank you,

Official Forum Rules Bylaws:

1. Conversation is open to all things Firearms/Weapons and Similar Outdoor Lifestyle Topics Only…No Religion or Politics.

2. Speak to each other as if were all sitting in the same room with loaded firearms.

3. Be respectful and treat each other like Brothers since we’re all 2nd Amendment Patriots on the same team here.

4. Help each other with good information and firearm advice/recommendations.

5. No Drama…

6. Flag any inappropriate behavior (pattern of negativity, incoherency, or low value bordering on harmful contributions to the conversation). A Moderator will address any issues.


We have New Moderators in the forum now!

@Kona is a New Moderator of the M*CARBO Brotherhood Forum.

Please join me in congratulating him and thanking him for taking on the extra responsibility around here. @Kona has done a lot for the forum already and I’m sure he will help make it even better now that he’s got a piece of the steering wheel!

Thanks @Kona!


@Wedge and @Matt meet your New Moderator. Don’t haze him too much!


Very humbled and grateful for the opportunity. I’m a pretty even keeled kind of guy so you’re going to get the same contributions from me that I’ve given up to this point. Thank you again for the trust and I look forward to continuing to help build this brotherhood and be a part of it. :pray:


Nah, Kona and I are cool. We get along here pretty well. :grinning:


Congrats Kona. Well deserved.


congratulations Kona! luck be with you.


@Kona Congrats Logan. I know you will do a great job here on the forum.


Great job @Kona you’ve really jumped out as an active user and a wealth of knowledge!


Right on Kona - great choice! So yea, the new Mod brings the beer Right? I’m pretty sure I saw that in the by-laws somewhere… :beer: :grin: :+1:


@TriggerHappy cheers!


@Kona Two of man’s best friends - life is good… :+1:


@Kona, congrats, you deserve it, you have been consistently giving good advice in a very timely manner, keep up the good work!


@Kona Thank you for taking on the your new responsibility as moderator, I promise not to make your job any harder than it will be. Congratulations for being recognized for all you do here. I raise a beer to you :beer: and wish you nothing but the best.


Gotta support the leader in the rounds downrange category. Fitting and appropriate that @Kona was invited. So big ups and thanks for joining up with them guys in charge


@Dred I think @AAAConcealment has me in that dept. He mentioned somewhere around 10k. I’m hovering around the 5k area lol.


I know you will be a great moderator for you have been doing most of the heavy lifting with out the title. R S


No Thank You’ And Welcome to your New Position of Moderator.


Congrats Kona, I already kinda thought of you as a forum boss :wink:


@Kona Congrats on your new position.