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New member with new S2K

Hi folks! I posted in the newbie area and thought I would post a bit about my new S2K.

I’ve been looking at this for a few months and finally pulled the trigger a little over 2 weeks ago. One of the LGSs had 3 on display and once in my hands I couldn’t resist. Fondled it for about a week before I took it to the range to see how it ran. I got the Beretta version, came with a 17-rnd mag and I bought a 30-rnd Korean mag while I was at the LGS.

Thoroughly enjoyed the 1st time out, put 150 rnds thru it without a hiccup.

Here’s some photos of the gun (I’ve added a recoil pad, a piece of clear tubing on the charging handle, and a fore grip that came off my Hi-Poiint 995TS):

And here’s the targets from my 1st outing. The range is only 11 yards but at least I got them all on the paper!:

I’m sure I have plenty of question, so standby!


I just got my Sub-2K yesterday. I was here checking out upgrades and I also saw that recoil pad, on Amazon actually… Does it make a difference or just a gimmick? I am planning getting the recoil reducing charging handle and the red recoil buffer but was considering this as well. How good is it?


@Gatekeeper Hey Russ, I have the ATI recoil pad on my .40 Sub and it does help. It is a soft silicone type material and also adds about 3/4" to the length of pull. The stock hard plastic butt stock left small marks on my shoulder so something was needed and the ATI is really the only thing out there. It is fragile so put it on and leave it on. If you take it on and off it will crack/split.

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It’s always fun to see (and be) a new s2k owner…
And welcome to the brotherhood if I missed you before.

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