New member 'Howdy' and Gen 1 question

I’ve been using M-Carbo parts for years on my SU-16 and Hi-point carbines, never a bad experience.
OK, just bought a Gen 1 .40 SUB-2000. Had one years ago, sold it because of the way it felt (MCarbo wasn’t around then). I got this one off G–Broker, it’s still in shipping. Pics show it has the Red Lion Precision handguard and front sight, so far so good. I’m going to add the trigger/latch kit, feed ramp, hammer bushing, and trigger spring kit.
I don’t know about the trigger bar- I don’t want a competition type trigger. I’m looking for a ‘carry’ type trigger
controllabilty in a ‘high-stress’ situation? This will be my home defense gun.
Thanks to all.


@getoffmylawn Welcome to the forum Bob! :+1:

I am only in my 60’s so I have a Gen 2. Some of the 70 and 80 year old brothers should be along soon to answer your question. It’s time for their afternoon nap now.


I’m doing afternoon catch up. I just skipped out on answering a question you posed in another thread.

Your questions ain’t easy. I don’t actually know anything about you. I can’t determine how you will react or what you will require for success in a “high stress” situation.

I will share that I have no fears or concerns about an inability to control my Sub’s trigger in any circumstance. My concerns revolve around my ability to place an accurate shot in a stressed circumstance. My trigger bar definitely increases my confidence placing shots and follow up shots.

I don’t buy the 10lb trigger is safe argument. I don’t place shots well with that sort of trigger. So, it can’t work for me in a stress situation.


Thanks for the replys, Dred. To further explain myself, I’m used to DAO and DA/SA pistol triggers, and single stage rifle triggers. All are good, none are match grade, but I trained to press thru the travel until it breaks. I’ll install the spring kit, but after reading (again) the description of the trigger bar which seems to decrease the pre-travel by alot, I won’t use it.
Also, I see your point on the extra fps on the HP. Would probably cause it to fragment.
Thanks again