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New mag inserts for the PC's

You guys are always asking for ideas on new replacement parts for the Ruger PC’s, well here is mine : From what I have heard and seen on the internet that one of the weak points of the PC is the interchangeable mag inserts, made of plastic and metal that is ease to bend, due to slamming the mag home when loading, as taught when loading a handgun. What about all metal insert made from Aluminum or Stainless Steel. Maybe start with the Glock insert since that seems to be the insert of chosen by most people.


I would buy one of those right now. If the adapter is beefed up enough that I don’t have to worry about a fast reload bending it all out of whack, a decent flared magwell would be next.


And a little joy for us Sig guys in both 226 and 320 flavors.
I would buy one of each and I don’t even have the PC yet.


@cotswold3716 The Ruger PCC’s or CHARGERS just aren’t designed for rapid slamming of Glock mags in particular. If one insists on doing this, and bends the ejector to the point of deforming and damage to it or the lower bolt, bolt face, it’s on the owner to learn how to realign the ejector bend…the info. on how to do this is on this forum:

:eye: learned how to do this, and have had 0 problems since.

I do use the Glock adapter and mags…no problem with the original Mag well.

Aluminum or Stain “S” Less Steel ejectors would most likely not correct the bent ejector issue, but perhaps a stronger and much expensive metal would allow more slamming? But at what cost?

There hasn’t been any reports of the plastic insert breaking or deforming that :eye: know of so far.

Ruger magazines have a better lock/stop design in the magazine and magazine adapter…verses the Glock “option”. This should take a slam home better…maybe.:face_with_monocle:
Bottom line is Ruger never designed the PCC’s around a Glock magazine…like Glock Pistols are designed and able to take a slam home with a GLOCK magazine…IMHO


I could go for some of that action as well. If they came up with one for Sig mags, I’d be having a clearance sale of all my Glock mags about 5 minutes later in the Level 3 Trades thread…


My P938 mags would fit flush in the PCC. :rofl:

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Could probably fit the whole gun up there…which I realize now sounds really bad out of context… :rofl:

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I’m all in for a Sig 320 insert

With MountainHunter on this one. I learned the hard way. Since I bent it back all good. Two successful outings at the range in the last two weeks.

I hear the cost aspect, but would love to hear the inside scoop from Ruger on the design of it and considerations.

Added all MCARBO mods, except springs, running like a champ.


I found a magazine holder that I liked on Amazon and it works nicely! 20201115_163429|281x500


@QBALLZ thats interesting, how bout sharing the link!

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Ordered it off Amazon



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Recently purchased a pc charger. Set it up with Glock mags. Shot 300 rounds during my range visit. Varied manufacturers of quality 9 mm used. The last 100 rounds had 6 stove pipes.
I called Ruger who sent me a shipping label and off it went to the factory. Two weeks later I got it back, the complete bolt had been replaced and test fired for 150 rounds and given a clean bill of heath by the Ruger tech.
Ran 200 rounds 1st range visit all good. Love this Charger. Super accurate and a lot of fun.
2nd range visit had 1 stove pipe in 170 rounds.
3rd visit 200 rounds and approx 7 or 8 stovepipe.
I don’t slam my magazines home. I keep my weapons very clean. Really disappointed I have to say. Haven’t contacted Ruger yet.

Is the ejector bent upwards and touching the bottom of the bolt? Make sure it’s clear.

Are the ejected shells bent?

Sometimes it takes awhile to break the PCC in. Mine took over 500 rounds but now it’s running 100% reliable.

Let us know what you find.


I would buy one come on someone make this!