New M*CARBO Gun Shop!


If any of you Guys are in the neighborhood…we’re opening up the New M*CARBO Gun Shop on Monday 4/8/19. Gun Shop Hours will be Mon-Fri 8am-4pm.

5601 116th Ave N
Clearwater, FL 33760

Anyone interested in us selling guns on the website? Let me know which one’s you would like us to stock?


Great news Chris. I already have two Sub2k’s with your upgrades , so I am good to go. I bet a multimag would be a good way to penetrate the web market. Oh and and your baby is too cute.


Sadly I’m well north of you so don’t anticipate being able to visit. But if you’re gonna stock stuff online…your relationship with Kel-tec may allow for some good prices, and while I found one already, I know there are a few here looking for a CP33 (curious to see any upgrades y’all might make though–I know many are clamoring for an arm brace).

Obviously it would generally make sense to stock guns you make parts for.


Any idea examples we could model one after?


@ChrisNelson I wouldn’t try to build a brace for the CP33. I’d try to build an adapter for the current brace offerings already available.


What’s the most popular pistol brace out there now?


I’m always looking for good online sources. I also work in the Clearwater area a couple times a year and would love to stop by. Definitely should be able to stock a good supply of KelTec.


Yeah Kona is probably right, let’s people use what they want and avoids unnecessary ATF shenanigans. The SBA3 is an adjustable brace for buffer tubes. The Tailhook is also super popular. SB tactical made a collapsable brace too.

This could honestly be it’s own thread, but I imagine something that utilizes the little tabs in the back and ends in a short mock buffer tube (possibly in multiple lengths, or with optional extenders for less adjustable braces) would be a relatively simple and let people pick their favorite.

I’m happy with my CP33 as is, but would strongly consider an alternative build with a brace. I bet it would look amazing with a suppressor.

(Separate note–Kel-tec is missing out by not making a braced/short barrel CMR30)


@ChrisNelson KAK shockwave, SBA3, and tailhook would be good starting points :+1:t2:


I got to do a Florida run, later in the year, Like to see the PLR series there, with a alloy compact forend, something picatinny all 4 corners, and a brace…glad yer growin brother, keep pushing fwd!



Gearhead Tailhook Mod 1 or 2 are popular right now. Simple, clean looking with no cheap looking velcro or rubber. Quick and easy to open and use and actually works very well.


Awesome news! A bit of a drive from kommiefornia, but I’m sure it will be worth it.


I think i will be in your neighborhood first of May



Thanks for the great news. I will try to visit sometime this summer. Hope to see you there and then.


@ChrisNelson A stainless steel feel ramp for the PMR30 (which would work in the CMR30) and also a different trigger. :+1:



I have been feeling a lot of pride of accomplishment on my build, lately and know that there are many brothers and sisters that feel the same when building their own mil spec custom firearms. Would you consider manufacturing 80% buffer assemblies so that ‘we’ may be a part of something GREAT in the S2K INDUSTRY? I am sure that collectively we can come up with a jig design (halves that can be ‘butted’ together) and basic tooling package for mass production so lower receivers can be made. It is in my humble opinion that it would really benefit the MCarbo Team. And quite frankly, due to the ‘explosion’ of MCarbo popularity, there are a lot of OEM parts laying around! It would be a ‘win-win’ for all. There would be an ‘entry level’ satisfaction build and for the ‘more seasoned’ shooter, a work of art with the benefit of more sales revenue… Thanks for your consideration.


@CatFood ROADTEST’ The new stuff, :smiley:


@DivaMarie would love to, rear pinion bearings went out :frowning: would be a bit of a drive in the miata, but I’ve been having the itch to visit Florida. Never been there.


@CatFood Come On Bro!! You don’t Have that Pinion bearing out yet? :rofl: Don’t forget to get extra shim’s for setting the dam bearing lode and couple Pinion nut’s I was never good enough to get it Close On the first time, with the Shims Parts Dept never had in stock’ :rage:Mumble’ Mumble’ Shi8’ Dam8’ Hell fire! :sunglasses:


@DivaMarie Crud I’m still recovering from the freedom weekend here in Kali. Going with a solid spacer and a regear later down the road, I have a temp 3rd member to put in untill I can save some cash.

Anyways back on topic lol, any pics of the storefront?