New Keltec Sub 2000 owners

25yds with the 3x ACSS magnifier. 10 rounds


Very nice shooting/grouping indeed. :+1:


Gbauer where did you get the flash hider?

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…sort of…

I bought it on eBay. This is the exact one minus the engraving.

Maybe you can reach out to them and get one engraved?

Another option is find a local shop that’ll engrave for you. I have one that does fun things like this.

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Do not pet non-rotating pins from KNS…

When I was trying to find my muzzle I saw a lot of these for the AR.

Seems like a common joke but still fun.

When my suppressor comes in I’m thinking of having them engrave it with something. Haven’t figured out what yet. Maybe just “SSSHHHH!!!” or something stupid like like.

Open to suggestions.


“librarian edition”


I vote Pffffftttt-Splat


I like it but not completely sold yet…

Keep in mind it’s going on guns that don’t have sub sonic load options (realistically): .308, and .556 primarily. It’ll also screw onto my .22 so that’ll be the only one that makes that sound unfortunately.

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“Silent but Deadly”

I’ve ordered from Durkin a few times. Never a problem with ‘em.

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My son would love that. Lol

How about “Therapy Gun. Do not pet”

Give .300 BLK a try. More like Pffffttt thud.

Hi everyone, I got my Kel Tec last week. Took it to the range twice and had a blast, this is a fun little gun. I bought some MCARBO upgrades, nothing too crazy, nothing internally. I’ve read countless posts about this already, so I apologize if im just parroting. I field stripped the gun to put in the recoilless charging handle and buffer, and as I was putting it together I pulled the trigger and the hammer came up so I had to manually depress it with a flathead screwdriver. Now the hammer is down, but not all the way and no matter what I do I can’t get the bolt to Slide Over the hammer. I mean it is impossible.

Take lots of pics of what it looks like now from multiple angles.

You didn’t remove the hammer did you? I did that and somehow managed to put it in backwards… Had the same problem.

Trust me on this: get the trigger set, screws, and trigger guard. That will make the gun feel a million times better.

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I wanted to get the internal upgrades but I was hesitant to really get in there, however once I couldn’t slide the bolt in I basically took it apart and thought wow I might as well have gotten the internals. I did take out the hammer but I’m 90% sure I put it in the right way. I’ll check again and take some pictures.

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Lol. You definitely put it in backwards. I fought mine for a solid week because of that!

Don’t feel bad. At least a fellow dumbass here (me) blazed that trail for you.


Thank you for the advice sir, I’m going to have another go at it. I realized I fucked up after I pulled the trigger :man_facepalming:t2:

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Actually does look correct.

(Not my pic)

You are pushing it all the way back, right? It needs to swing back 180 degrees from where it is now.

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Yessir it cocks back, and when you push it far enough it locks itself back.

Not cocked back here but here’s everything put together.