New Keltec Sub 2000 owners

Greetings, as a new owner of a Keltec Sub 2000 Glock 19 mag. I have done couple upgrades by myself so far and had plenty fun…The tube cover was sweet, the buffer washer was lovely but THE DAMN PIN TRIGGER PUL HOLDER GOT ME, I am glad i watched the video several times and suffered throughout yhe entire thing. Next time i am saving money for all the internal upgrades and driving to MCarbo for installations :heart:.

This PCC is amazing and you guys are definitely ahead with upgrades and continuous improvements. Thank you so much for everything you do keep the Brotherhood :muscle: strong !!!


Welcome Juan ! @JRGrindhouse !
You wont be dissapoointed doing the internals !
What is this part?


The one we have to change on the spring recoil spring while you are installing the recoiless charging handle. That spring and piece kicked my ass. Yes, i will make the changes will definitely love to try the keltec as is for now and then do the upgrades but so far I am happy with ehat I got


Oh i gotcha. :+1:Yeah that was a fun one to put in!:roll_eyes::smirk:


…just wait until you do the trigger…

I recommend doing everything internal at the same time: trigger, trigger guard, spring set, polished feed ramp… Even the fold down rear sight. Definitely do the screw upgrade too because they WILL strip.

I learned the hard way you can put the hammer in backwards. It won’t fire or work at all but it can be put in that way. If you find that it’s not able to be cocked that’s probably where you screwed up.

When I bought mine I took it to the range, fired about 50 rounds, then came here and just ordered everything.

It’s a whole new gun now. Probably my favorite rifle to fire under 50 yards.

Some bolts ons make it even more fun. Mine still folds but it’s definitely bulky now.

(The pistol laser was an experiment. Ended up taking my shotgun hunting laser off and moved it to the Kel-tec. It holds zero with a 12 ga and can be seen in full sun to 25 yards, cloudy to 50, and with the prism scope out to longer than the gun will shoot at night. Plus it can act as a flash light by widening the apature- roughly 1 yard diameter for every 10 yards).

Get some 33 round mags and you’re in for fun times! A lot cheaper to run than an AR and arguably a lot more fun because of the lack of recoil.

For the record my brake does nothing but it’s awesome so its staying on it.


Hey Guys,
New to the forum and to Kel-Tec. Recently retired from USAF, Law Enforcement, and now industrial security. My team presented me with a brand new Sub 2000 Glock 22 40 cal. Never owned a Kel-Tec or folding carbine. So, I’m a little aprehensive and excited at the same time.

I usually join these forums to read and learn. I rarely engage because you guys all know more about these things than I do. But, this time, I have a problem. I have scoured the forum for similar concerns but found nothing.

Okay…I’ll get on with my topic. I was manually cycling some UMC 180gr FMJ ammo to see how the feeding was going to look like with a polymer feed ramp. Well, several rounds got jammed at a 45 degree angle and wedged between the feed ramp and the bolt face. No problem as I removed the magazine and drew the bolt back the round fell out. Upon inspection, I notices some horizontal scoring just below the mouth of the brass case where it struck the top of the opening to the chamber. So, I’m wondering if anyone else has experienced the same thing and what was your solution?

I have installed several external MCARBO accessories so far. Notihing internal yet.



Welcome to the forum! My first suggestion would be to contact Kel-tec and explain the problem to them. These are not exactly precision-made target rifles and production screw ups can happen. A good thing they come with a limited lifetime warranty and Kel-Tec will make it right.


@Ak.Charlie.907 Welcome to the Brotherhood Charlie. Thank you for your Air Force service. Have you tried a round that has a different nose profile, one not so flat?


Im thinkin same thing. Ive had issues with flat nosed projectiles in semi auto platforms. But i do love shooting them in my wheelguns. Also the plastic feed ramp that comes stock in the sub2k is junk imo. The mcarbo stainless feed ramp was one of first parts i bought for my 9mm version. Then fell down the rabbit hole for the full internals. The mcarbo internal parts makes a fun backyard shooter into a reliable and functional firearm that runs alot better.


Manual cycle may be the answer. It is designed to feed at full semi auto pace. Easing a big meplatt 40 up the ramp can fail because it wants slammed. Are you releasing the charging handle or easing it forward?


Good morning everyone. Yes, it’s still morning in Alaska. I appreciate all the responses.

I have not tried a different shaped bullet nose. Honestly, I didn’t want to screw up any more ammo.

After reading multiple forums, my plan is to buy the pro pack for my Sub2K. I hope that will take care of it. I do plan to contact Kel-Tec to see if they can recommend a solution on my end.

When I was cycling I was pulling the bolt all the way to the rear and releasing with a full forward force. Maybe I should just get it out to the range and fire away.

Any other suggestions are welcomed.

Thanks everyone.


Range won’t improve full forward force. Definitely worth a call


@Dred OK. Will do.


Just an update: I contacted Kel-Tec to which they replied that I should do some shooting and get it broke in before we get into any real concerns.


Hey @Ak.Charlie.907
When out on the range again try this, same flat nose ammunition.
Pull back and lock the breach handle. When ready palm the breach handle down and it will run forward chambering a round.
The bullet should seat clean. Something to test.


Thanks @Moosecall. Will do. I really don’t want to send my S2K back to Kel-Tec.

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Welcome welcome WELCOME :tumbler_glass: :pray: :eagle:



Looks very similar…

Dont have a pic on the bipod but same bipod as well. I just have a bigger laser and a 3x prism scope.

With MCarbo mods the sub2k goes from a neat gun to a great gun

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