New Found Respect For Hi-Point!


Reckon a SUB-2000 (or anybody else’s) barrel could take on THIRTY FIVE squibs?!?


@SnuffySmiff And another tacti-cool commando is born. Was this guy waiting for the next slug to shove all this lead out of the barrel? You can’t make this stuff up!:rofl:


Damn, that took talent!



Talent or ‘stupidity?’ How can one STUFF that many rounds in a barrel and not notice any weight difference??? I mean, WOW!!!



Perhaps a “here, hold muh beer” moment after the first one?



For sure… Big smiles

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Not to mention the thing probably didn’t even fully function/cycle. I’d imagine those last few rounds must have had some extra spicy kick, too.

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either that or he was a novice reloader , those dont appeared to be jacked bullets/hollowpoints, dont see copper, look like some of the buffalo boolets i shoot BP,
dont see a bulge in the barrel, (which ive see in a Ruger M-77 when the shooter was popping “custom reloads” he got from a friend… either he didnt put any powder in, and just " capped" em, or thats a advertising setup.

it just dont look right to me… no-one wouldnt feel or heard the difference, hell, it would have destroyed the bolt… by the 4th squib… I gotta throw the urban myth BS flag on it… something hasnt come out in the light yet…:smiling_imp:


Shit, I found it after Matt put on through the ringer. If only they were double stacked.


I received a notice that some guy also did this same stunt with a JP 9mm carbine with no apparent damage to the rifle. Remember these both are straight blowback carbines and the bolt takes all the energy of a discharged round. The 9mm round apparently does not have the powder capacity to generate sufficient energy to damage these straight blowback rifles. This would be a different story if it happened to a locked breach major caliber rifle. For instance a 9mm loaded round usually contains around 4 grains of powder whereas a 5.56 cal AR15 contains 24-25 grains of powder.

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