🔫 New Firearms for 2022

It’s amazing how few 10mm guns are available. I own a Springfield XDM OSP in 10mm. They’ve already discontinued that gun. There weren’t many options to choose from when I bought it last summer. I wanted a 1911 chambered in 10mm, but between price and constantly being sold out, I settled on the XDM. With the punch of 10mm, I wish I would have waited and got a 1911


I finally got an in-stock notification from a seller not trying to sell $100 over MSRP.
Primary Arms is selling the P322 at MSRP $399. I put in my order this afternoon.

KYGunCo, PSA, TopGunSupply and MGW all wanted $499. I wasn’t doing that.

I’ll post a picture of it when I get it. Probably around the 4th.


I’ve seen some sites taking preorders for the X-Ten already.

This may be one I look into later. Kinda into rimfire only lately.


I want one.