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New Collar Design On SUB2000


But if you are in the middle of a shoot and something goes wrong that makes it necessary to open the grip then the PSM makes it handy to do so.


If the GEN I will fit snugly then cut slots in it like the one in the PSM link and use Sling mount to Cinch it securely and NO GLUE REQUIRED. Loosen the bolt on the Sling mount and remove. No need for any special tool.

If you are handy with tools then just use a hacksaw and a vice to cut slots.


This is what I was considering doing to my castle nut but haven’t yet. It is currently rotatable lol. BTW the parts from KT have arrived and I just placed an order with MCARBO for a few things for the S2K T100 VFG mod :wink: :+1:


Looking forward to hearing from you :rofl::rofl::beer::boom:
I got it now Vertical Fore Grip. Sorry I forgot the honor you have bestowed on me !!!:superhero::beer::sunglasses:


Please forgive me misquoting you “bad memory”. That is why i hash tagged you so the story got properly told :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::beer::boom:


Yes VFG was the old acronym not a new one lol Speakin of which I am thinkin’ TT100 for the new variation designation (dual credit) :wink: :+1: But not to divert from this thread too much after brainstorming and carving up these S2K grip halves and thinking about these frustrating lock collars I am envisioning one grip half that has a whole ring with a compression screw that the tube passes through and the other half that locks into the forward edge of the ring in some way but it seems like that won’t accommodate assembly somehow and I can’t quite see it in my mind and I never remember to explore that thought when I am at that point in assembly lol :confounded:


Let me see you through on this I LIKE IT !!!
So the castle nut would get replaced with Split ring similar to a scope ring mount oriented in the same way a scope ring is? It would be independant of the grip extension?
Just doing away with the castle nut all together and use a split ring only. The seam between the halves would be set horizonal not vertical so as to not interfer with the upper rail when folded.


Yes independant of the grip right where the lock collar resides normally but integral with one half of the grip with a split and a compression screw and a provision (?) semi circular mortis and tenon or overlap for lack of a better term on the other grip half


The issue I see with that is it might be good for a new part but for the present population of S2K’s a solution that does not take time and is easily fabricated from stock stuff or what is already available would be easy for common use.

I do not have a vernier caliper to measure the diameter of my S2K GEN II. I am sure there are others that have the tools and the different Gen’s of S2K that could help shed some light on the subject.

A call to the brotherhood PLEASE lets get some info on interchangeability of different GEN;s Castle Nuts.


I think i understand. I think you are correct in the assembly issue is the limiting factor.


Yea it would be all new design not a mod or aftermarket upgrade. I get to thinking “outside of the box” and I am not as good at 3D “mental gymnastics” as I used to be and sometimes I might get a little lost and need to be pulled back in lol. But sometimes that is when innovation happens :+1:


Yes I have just purchased some of the available upgrades including the armorers wrench only to find out it is a hand twist was I surprised …