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New Collar Design On SUB2000


Kel Tec has just introduced a new collar design on the Sub 2000 gen 2 as of the second quarter of 2018.
I just received a new sub 2000 for sale and it had the new collar design on it. Part # 148 on the parts list.
It is not glued anymore and can be removed just by twisting it with your hand. Has anyone else seen this?


Hey how’s it going. I’m new to the forum but I’m interested in the new collar design as my wife recently purchased me a new sub2k for fathers day and it still has the original design. Would you mind posting pics of it for the rest of us to see?


Are we able to convert older models?



Here they are @airbornetroop206


It looks like it locks into the grooves in the receiver, it would most likely not work on retro versions. I prefer metal over plastic, that’s just my 2 cents


hm, looks interesting. So you just slide it in there, twist it and it locks into the grooves? How solid does it lock up? Thanks for the photos


It is not a very solid lockup in my opinion. I am able to unlock it just using two fingers.
How well it will hold up over time will be interesting to see.
It is much easier to remove than the metal collar but really how often do you have to remove it?
I believe the metal collar will prove to be a more secure method of attachment.


Yeah that doesn’t sound like a very secure lock up. If it does begin coming lose on it’s own and of course after upgrading all the internals, you can always use 380 loctite like the regular collar uses and won’t have to really worry about it. But I’m also interested as how it’ll hold up overtime. I’ll be looking forward to your range report. :+1:


From the looks of it, I’m not impressed at all. I’ll stick with what I have.


@KM55 my thoughts exactly, why “improve” something without actually improving it?


@jwk Is there any wobble between the receiver tube and the plastic grip halves when you shoulder it?


Conceptually, I like the idea. But, if it’s not made by Mcarbo, I have little confidence in it.


There is no wobble between the receiver halves with this new collar but it is not near as secure as with the metal collar. This new collar in my opinion is strictly cosmetic. It seems to serve no useful purpose other then looks. Kel Tec claims that all new sub 2000s will have this new design. The Mcarbo multi tool is not needed nor will work with this new design. The single point sling adapter will not work either as the plastic collar has a larger diameter by quite a bit over the metal one and even if you could get it over the plastic collar you would be applying pressure on a plastic part that rotates easily. The good news is that I did a complete internal Mcarbo upgrade to the internals and nothing is changed on the inside and all parts fit and functioned perfectly. I fired approx. 100 rds at the range and the plastic collar did not rotate off. I really don’t know if you could retro fit a metal collar to the new design receiver but it would be interesting to find out if it could be done without too much alteration to the receiver. You could glue the plastic collar on but it might break upon removal or maybe just some silicone that could help keep it in place with rough handling. Bottom line I wish they would have just left it alone and kept the metal collar.


Here is a pic from the insert that came with the new Kel Tec sub 2000 gen 2 that was just purchased from my jobber just last week


ERK!! Looks like back to the drawing board for MCARBO’s One Point Sling part.

This look oversized n garden hose dorky. It will never find a place on my Sporkmunster.:nerd_face:


Yup. After you shoot, you can water the lawn with it… :sweat_drops:


Just picked up a new Sub 2000 at a great price after looking for one for several years. It was evidently produced before this design change to the collar. From what I see so far, I’m not sure that I mind that I got the old style! Hope this proves out to be a good thing for you.


Recently picked up a S2K and mine was also made 2nd qtr 2018 with the “twist-lock” receiver collar.

I think it’s on there more for decoration than actual function. I hesitate putting any kind of glue on mine. I’ve only fired 150 rounds thru it and so far the collar has held tight. Can’t use the MCarbo sling swivel though, it would crack the collar once tightened down.

Just thought I would chime in, I’m new and will be posting about my new “toy” soon!


jeepers, glad i bought the tool when i did - my s2k has the old collar!

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