New 1895 from Ruger

This looks good. Great features. Decent price.
So glad to see Ruger start making the classics.
My Marlin 1895 SBL was about the same price.
But the last Marlin I seen for sale was $1999.

RUGER MODEL 1895 TRAPPER .45-70 GOV’T RIFLE | Brownells



I agree with most of your comments, but you think the price is ok? Ugh! I have some Marlins and none of them were over $1,000. Of course, they were all bought pre-Remlim. Hard for me to imagine the new price being “right.” But, maybe you are and I am just lucky to have bought when I did.




Now, $1229 isn’t so bad and that gun sure is interesting. I already have the 1895 Guide Gun in .45-70, so not really looking, but if I was, that would be worth getting. Thanks!


The sad part is the days of good prices are over im afraid. Now its just a matter how bad we want something and what we see as a semi manageable price to pay for it. It wasnt to many years ago when you could get a new marlin 30-30 at the walmart for 400 bucks. Now people want 7 to 8 hundred. The thing that gets me is the guns prices have went up so much but the quality of said guns aint better and in most cases are crap compared to there older counterparts. the materials used are of cheaper grade then same product from years past. Quality control dang sure aint what it was customer service and repairs at most vendors aint what it was. Machines doing most of the work so that puts more money in vendors pockets and yet the guns still cost us more then ever.


I’ve wanted the SBL but can’t find it anywhere. As everyone else says the price is alittle high but they have done some upgrades compared to the Marlin originals.

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Nice! I’ve had my eye on various lever action rifles. Is it available in other calibers? I like the side feed and big loop. The price is what it is these days. Ruger makes a fine rifle.

It’s been on my want list for ages, I’ll be getting one for sure.