M*CARBO Brotherhood

Never Know What You May Get In An Auction

Won an auction on Gunbroker, thought it was a run of the mill M44 Mosin Carbine project rifle. Low and behold when I am in the gun shop and I notice it has an interesting rear sight, and an awkward barrel marking. Hmm, that is different, this is not Russian, I took an image of the shank, enlarged it, and cross referenced it. It is a Romanian M44. Not the most common rifle in the world, and finding the correct parts for the reassembly may be a challenge.

There isn’t a lot of information on them out there, but I have come across some. The sad part is someone before me cut the stock a few inches, not much, but enough to to make a difference. As these are not common finding parts may be a challenge. The big one will be the bayonet.


I used to collect C&R before getting the long range shooting bug. I had a Romanian M-44 in my collection that was complete with folding bayonet. That sucker kicked like a mule!