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Never Forget 9 -11

911 anniversary is coming up . Say a prayer for the fallen and a thank you to the first responders who gave their all to aid them.


Todd Beamer did something I will always remember that morning. He woke up enough folks and called out “Let’s Roll,” as he lead a charge that saved countless American lives that morning.

So brothers … I invite you to Keep Roll’n On in Todd’s memory.


@Dred AMEN Milton Amen


the song tells the story of a New York City Fire Department firefighter, climbing one of the World Trade Center towers after the hijacked planes had hit them during the September 11 attacks.[5] The lyric depicts the surreal, desperate environment in which he finds himself:

Can’t see nothin’ in front of me,

Can’t see nothin’ coming up behind …

I make my way through this darkness,

I can’t feel nothing but this chain that binds me.

Lost track of how far I’ve gone

How far I’ve gone, how high I’ve climbed …

On my back’s a 60-pound stone

On my shoulder a half mile of line


Simply put, a day I will never forget.


@Jperr @godallmighty @GOBLIN @Whitehammer @Don68 “May it never be Forgotten” And the Remembrance to the Spirit of those who gave and did so Much on this Day!


I remember that morning crystal clear.
I was doing a little siding and soffet job on a house addition. I had just gotten up and as usual I sat down, clicked on the TV, and started to put on my boots. Then the tube came to life and there it was.
I don’t know what time it was for sure, but both towers were standing. About 30-45 minutes later, the first one fell.
I ended up not getting to work until 10:30.


@godallmighty our thoughts and prayers are with all who died and got injured that day and all the people ,civilians police fire fighters whom are suffering now because of the dust they inhaled :pray::pray::pray: gone but not forgotten


Me, too. I was driving into the squadron for a morning flight when the first tower was hit. Didn’t know until I heard the chatter in the locker room. Saw the second plane hit on the duty office TV when I was getting my aircraft/student assignments for the day. We all watched the towers fall in the squadron ready room. Needless to say, nobody flew that day.

And, please, let’s keep this a memorial type thread and not take it political. We don’t do that here. Thanks. :+1:


I have often thought about something that occurred day, and is quite rare, if not completely unique.
If you use your minds eye, and look into the households, workplaces, and schools of every city and town in our nation. The commuters listening to the radio in their cars, and the people standing on the sidewalk, watching a TV in some store front.
In that rare moment, everyone in our country no matter who they were or where they were from, had forgotten their own petty differences and concerns becoming united in concern for “OUR” country and “OUR” people. Everyone had suspended their normal routines and responsibilities and were watching what was happening as a nation.
As I was sitting in my chair watching the TV with my boots half on, @Wedge and his crew were sitting in the squadron ready room watching the exact same thing.