Need Sub 2000 MCarbo Upgrades for Dummies

That’s a rather negative review of the Sub 2000. The other posts on the subject were interesting too.

Before his disappearance the mysterious Mr. Dung told me to get the Ruger PCC (?) unless I wanted to make a hobby out of gun smithing. His Ruger photo looked just like the one in the article you linked. But I also looked at previous posts in the Sub 2000 category. Dung and and others like Texas Eskimo have customized Sub 2000s. It looks like a lot of time and money went into them.

Hind sight is 20-20 but I’ve realized that for home defense I don’t need something that comes apart or folds. I like that the Sub 2000 and my Glock use the same ammo and magazines. That was a good decision. I’m going to hold what I have for now and keep them as-is. I will reconsider my options some time down the road.




Double as thumb cuffs


Or a very robust and unbreakable cock ring. There, I said what you were all thinking. Not sorry.


Fair warning … given knowledge of actual scale. When used as the Eskimo implied, it will be a very long, uncomfortable erection. You will make the ER monthly top 10 when you show up in tears ask’n them to cut that f%cker off now.


That would beat the hole in the Coleman stove! Saw it on Life in the ER.


The reasons i can think of for upgrading the Sub rather than spending the same money on a better gun are:

  1. the sub2k folds in half.

I really dont see a need for more reasons than that.

Prices are under $500 for a new one. The trigger bundle and related stuff cost me about $250 more. These are the important uogradea that take it from a cool but cheaply made idea into a pretty damn polished firearm with an amazing feature for $750. Really not bad at all compared to other options out there in .40 s&w. Plus, did i mention that it folds?

Further uogrades, like folding mounts or a rotating fore end and optics, are extras that cost money regsrdless of what kind of gun you have. Spend $1500 on a CMMG and you’ll still need to tack on for accessories if yiu want them.