Need help with choosing a folding front sight/gas block

Hello. I’m pretty new to this forum and AR platform. I recently purchased my first AR-15, S&W M&P AR-15, 5.56/223, it came with the A2 front fixed sight & gas-block with the bayonet lug on the bottom. After shooting it for the first time with a 3x prism scope, I realized I needed more magnification if I were to use this for distance shooting. (I had another post on here asking for scope advice. And thank you for those who were very helpful)

So o purchased a 6x18x50 scope. Now I’m good with this and my old eyes! However, the scope is very long, I’d say around an inch in back of the front fixed A2 sight. Although I can not see the front sight in my scopes view, I want to remove the sight. I’m looking to replace it with one of the flip, folding, gas block sights that a few helpful members here recommended.

I replaced the original hand guard wit a VISM by NcSTAR VMARMLCE M-LOK EXTENDED LENGTH HANDGUARD 13.5"/ TWO PIECE
Handguard that allows for the A2 sight and bayonet lug to protrude through.

A couple of experienced members on this forum recommend replacing it with an A.R.M.S. Silhouette #41-BL Folding Front Sight with Bayonet Lug.does anyone here have any experience or knowledge that can tell me if intact this or another folding gas lock sight with bayonet lug, will fit the slots in my above listed hand guard?

Thanks for any help or comments,