M*CARBO Brotherhood

National Vietnam War Veterans Day, March, 29th

To all my brothers, and sisters that served.

1st MarDiv FMF


I didn’t serve but all active/retired military and veterans have my deepest respect and appreciation.


My Dad served at Long Binh in 69. He never talked much about it. I miss him.


@Jperr Sorry for the loss of your Dad. Was at Long Binh for a few months before moving up north. At that time it was the largest U.S. military base in the world.


Thank you to ALL that have served, is serving…and the families.
I’m speechless and humbled…:pray:


@Festus Thanks Brother! How Times Fly’s by ! 66’ Started @ Navy Base in DaNang


@MountainHunter Thank’s Brother I Blanked it Out this Year for the First time since 66’ Or Maybe the Old Age Brain Fart is setting In. :grinning:


I would like to share an article my long time buddy Phil Mayrand wrote of his last mission in Vietnam.

Things we share in common are boats, living on the coast to the mountains of North Carolina, Energy Conservation systems and efficient homes…and best of all to be accompanied by a Great Woman.

Phil is an amazing detail guy…you will find that out when you read how precise he is…like no other person that I’ve met…and always an inspiration.

What a guy…I look forward to seeing him and his wife this spring.

Phil always signs off with his emails to me with


:eye: forwarded the intel to Phil of sharing his last mission story. Heard directly back from Phil…didn’t surprise me at all.

Here’s part of Phil’s response.

__________ I was so touched by your email! Thank you so much! In these uncertain times with all the present threats (especially Covid-19), if there was ever a time to express how you feel about friends and family this is it.

I have always admired your independence and survival skills…I have admiringly spoken to dozens of people about your mountain top survival property. Further, you are the person I would call on for any questions regarding passive and active solar (and wine!) systems…I really respect your knowledge and experience! So, you see, what we have here is a mutual admiration society!

:eye: really like the “Mutual Admiration Society “ aspect! And the time to express about feelings to family and friends. Reminds me of the M*CARBO INTERNATIONAL CONNECTION HERE.

Phil and his wife have just moved a little closer to me in these mountains…now when the dust settles we will get together and I’m looking forward to it…Over.


I remember the river, the delta, the nest. wetdog smell when you first cut in, heat rolling off the 50 when you were rolling high and tight, LOLOL burnin up my first barrel and getting my butt chewed, with a “dont do it again or i will beat your ass” the seeing the old guys nudge each other and harass me after. everybody had one . I was the kid.
old man rolled me in when i was 16. the old COB was late 20s, how tha hell he kept me alive i still cant figure out. 1000 places. 1000 faces still remember em all. I will till i forget how to breathe…


@GOBLIN Ma deuce, elephant grass and stale Lucky Strikes…


A few days late with this but Thank You to all who served from a grateful citizen and Welcome Home. I turned 18 in 1974 so I missed being drafted. I entertained joining the Army after spending most of my young life living on army bases. I was basically raised in a boot camp, it’s why I am OCD about orderliness and neatness. I learned how to polish brass and spit shine boots before I turned 5.

My old man served 25 years as an MP and did two tours in Nam in military intelligence. He came home a different man. When I got out of high school I told him I was thinking about signing up and he told me that no son of his was ever going into the army if he could prevent it so I didn’t join. That remains one of the biggest regrets of my life.

Again, a huge thank you to all who served over there, and anywhere else for that matter.