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National Law Enforcement Museum

I saw this today while reading the news. Many of you may already be aware of it, but I wasn’t until today.

The National Law Enforcement Museum


I’ve visited so many museums in DC, but I’ve never came across this one. I’ll have to remedy that asap. Thank you for posting this! Especially since there are a lot of LEO’s here.


@jeffing65 Thank you for posting this, I really think the LE community needed this with everything we see on the news about them. Putting us in their shoes on the interactive scenarios I see on the video looks like a real eye opener for us.


@Peyote Your welcome. I would love to hear about it when you get to visit it.
@dave67 Your right about the press, what we hear, and the beating the LE officers take.

As with anything there are “bad eggs” and those not suited to certain professions. LE is not immune to this and they get unfairly judged as a community because of it.
I have, unfortunately, had some first hand experience with that type in one of our local city departments.
I also have a friend and neighbor that lives not more than 300 yards from me and is a detective in the same department. He is a descent, honest, honorable officer, and a fine friend and neighbor. I would trust him to be a good advocate in anything pertaining to me and my family’s well being without question. To make a judgement of him based on my exp with another would be disrespectful, unfair, and just plain outrageous.

Something I would point out to everyone. (not just here but overall). We need and want them!
Although many people (such as our members) could get along with each other and exist without rules and control, the population cannot.
It would be chaos and unlike us, the innocent and those unable to defend themselves, would be at the mercy of exploitation and predators

And I say to all of our LEO directly. You have an absolutely impossible job. One I don’t think I would be that good at.
Everyday you deal with infinite life threatening possibilities, but that is only a small portion of all you do.
Dealing with the drugs ,violence, racial hate, domestic issues, children’s issues, the “just too stupid & don’t get it” , the descent poor people that are just barely surviving, and all the injustice and unfairness of the world. And to not go insane, have your morality poisoned, succumb to depression, or fall into the corruption is really a tribute to all LEO.

I have served on more than one jury and served once for special requested service to the courts.
One was a juror in cold blooded murder trial. It was the first, and may still be, the only jury to ever be sequestered in my county. I have seen personally what you do and what you face every day.

                           I do not envy you your task.   Well Done!!!