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National CCW Scam

Just received a warning from my Sherriff’s Dept. about a scam being sent via text. It tells the recipient that their current CCW is in need of renewal or updating and has a link to send your personal information to. The notification said if one has been contacted to notify the Sherriff’s Dept.


Had one of those, and also had two “Social Security has been suspended” calls in the last two weeks.

I keep thinking of that lonely Nigerian prince locked in a hotel room and surrounded by piles of money he can’t give away. :rofl:


Haven’t got that one…yet. I do get the “Your BoA account has been suspended due to fraudulent activity…” Too funny, don’t have a BoA account.


When I get scam calls, I ask them to hold while I look for my glasses. (“I want to be sure I read the numbers on my credit card accurately.”) I then lay the phone down for about 30 seconds, then come back to tell them, "Still looking . . . " After the second time, I ask for their telephone number so I can call them back. Haven’t got a phone number yet . . .


Ohhhh my lifelong goal is to waste as much time with scam callers as possible. Ironically, they never seem to call back.
Here’s a good one for y’all.
A few months ago I got a call at dinner time. My wife and 3 boys were all eating and I saw I had a call from Microsoft so I answered it. I put the caller on speaker cause my family loves when I mess with them. So caller proceeds to tell me I am due a refund from Microsoft for $399. I told him I did not need the money as I came into a lot by way of the Lottery. I told him of he were to give me his account number I would say it was mine so the money could be deposited in his account. He said that if I won the lottery why don’t I give him some of my money. (The family was hiding their laughs). I told him I would be happy to but I would need something in return, I would need a video of him fornicating with a goat. He said “that’s not a problem”. He asked how much for a video. I told him I would give him $10,000 dollars if he would also send a video of the goat doing his sister while he does the goat. He said that was going to far. And he said I was wasting his time and called me a thief. I called him the goat humping thief for stealing peoples money and well, frolicking with goats. He said I waisted all his time and now he will have to stay later to make is calls them hung up and never called back.


Havent heard of the CCW scam. That seems like a pretty tough one, since i bet most states are like mine and print your expiration right on the permit… maybe they dont?

Tom Mabe is the KING of wasting marketing/scam call center time.


Ours are issued by the county Sherriff’s Department and valid state wide. Yes, mine has the expiration date clearly printed on it. If anything, some may be tricked by the “needs updated” verbiage.


You can get a lifetime permit in Indiana. I’ve had mine so long it’s on the old pink tissue paper, not the newer plastic card. I laminated it when I got it so it wouldn’t disintegrate over time like most peoples’ do. Some of the newer cops have never seen a permit that old. :grin:

The only time you must update it is if you move - you gots ta have your correct address on it.


@Beezer Classic Love it’ what a Great Way to F*** with them :rofl:
This Scam just made it to AK’