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My two cents worth


When I hear about political hacks trying to destroy our 2nd amendment rights, I wonder where we would be today, if, during the first American Revolution against the British, we didn’t have armed militias to stand up against British tyranny.

If we as citizens lost our arms, and our military needed help to defend our Country against foreign invaders, we would be relegated to throwing rocks and losing our freedoms completely.

I dread the consequences if we lose our fundamental 2nd Amendment protections.


Agreed on all accounts, but we don’t do political stuff on this site, or at least try not to. It always gets way out of control and I’ve been guilty of that myself before. But, the powers that be made me a moderator, so I have to put that word out. We’ll have to do our good work on the political front elsewhere.

“We fired our guns, but the British kept a’commin…” :+1:


No politics please and thanks.