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My Top 5 Rifles

By popular demand! Here are my selections for the top 5 rifles that most influenced me as a shooter. Be sure to let everyone know what’s on YOUR list. This video goes live at 0800 EDT, Saturday Aprill 11. Feel free to join in the live-chat on Youtube when it premiers!



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And it’s not live. Be sure to let me know what’s on your list!



I think this is going to be a goofy list. Let’s see if it gets tied together when I try to describe it to y’all.

My first big influence was the Western Lever Gun. It’s what I first imagined myself shooting. No surprise at all since pops loved The Duke. My examples are my Marlin 1894cs and 1895gbl.

My Glenfield 25 which was later joined by a Marlin 880sq taught me how much fun it is to put holes exactly where I intended.

Most folks probably get the incremental improvement virus from the AR15 platform. In my case, my Sub 2000 with MCARBO’s ready assistance ticked my can-make-it-mine box.

And, I blame the Tavor for striking up my affection for bullpup balance. I no longer have the Tavor but I still run 12 guage, 10mm and 22lr bullpup style.


I’ll start with my honorable mention, the proverbial Winchester lever action. Watching TV and movies, the Winchester was always the star no matter who carried one. Jimmy Stewart, John Wayne, Chuck Connors, Steve McQueen…while I have yet to own one, it was the match to the fuse.

Number 5: The Benjamin Sheridan .22 pump pellet rifle. My brother and I got this as the learning tool. We had to show we were responsible, safe and understood the basics of marksmanship with this.

Number 4: A Remington 341 Sportmaster. I learned a lot with this bolt action tube fed rifle and harvested small game.

Number 3: The M1 Carbine. I was fortunate enough to shoot one at a very young age. It taught me discipline, with 15 rounds in the mag doesn’t mean to spray and pray you hit the target.

Number 2: 03-A3, Smith Corona sporterized by my grand-dad. Given to me for my 14th birthday, I learned how to hunt with this rifle. Growing up in Wyoming offered me the privilege to hunt Antelope, Deer and Elk. It’s since been restored to it’s military issued glory.

Number 1: Remington 513-T Matchmaster. My brother and I joined the local indoor small-bore rifle team and using this rifle I shot competitive through high school. It taught me discipline, trigger control, how to focus on the task at hand. I feel it helped me as a Marine rifleman.


5.56 AR, 5.45 AK, .30-30 Lever gun, 9mm G2 S2K…

Hmmm…I have room for a fifth one so, any suggestions? :rofl:

Well, I guess I need some sort of .22lr in there, so Ruger 10/22.


Great lists guys! I really enjoy reading the stories that go along with your selections!



5 Springfield Stevens model 87 tube fed bolt action .22
4 Ruger American Predator .22 250
3 Ruger Mini 14 Ranch
2 Marlin 30-30 lever action 336 (JM stamp)
1 7MM Remington 700
Honorable mention to Remington 700 chambered for .270


@Flogrown while them are both great calibers for the 700, why do you prefer them over something like a 308 or 30-06. Just curious on why or what you are using them for.

  1. Winchester 94 30.30
  2. Henry Big Boy .44 Mag
  3. Ruger American Rimfire, walnut stock .22
  4. Lee Enfield .303 British
  5. Mosin Nagant sporterized .762 x 54R

7mm is just one of my favorite hunting rounds. Same thing for the .270 I have killed more deer with my .270 than any other rifle.