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My S2k On Its Way Home From Kel-Tec

Talk about fast friendly service. I am extremely happy to hear they have it repaired and already in the mail.

I just called in a little while ago and the lady tried to read the repair ticket but she didn’t know all the acronyms.

Basically I understood that something broke due to a round out if battery and they installed another SS Fred ramp which they polished at my request.

Can’t wait to get it back and try out the muzzle brake. I didn’t realize how attached I am to it.

On a side note, my son (the one who got me hook on this darn thing lol) is getting married and I know he wants one in a 9 really bad.

Anyone know about the M series here and what they are up to on SNs?

Are they still producing the limited run?

And can a person get personalized SNs or was that only for the first orders?


All great questions. I’m not sure. After you email MCARBO will you let us all know here?:+1:


Thought my recent experience might help with your questions…

I ordered an M-Series on 6/17 and received it a week later, S/N 335. They are not doing the personalized serials or laser-engraving (was limited offer), but you do still get the custom M*CARBO engraving.

When you order the M-Series, it’s actually assembled from scratch at Kel-Tec, only they use the upgraded parts. Once they put it together at the Kel-Tec facility, it went to M*CARBO where I had them add the Optic Mount and they did their custom internal polishing.

I know from reading here that there are a lot of folks waiting on the OM, but evidently they keep a small supply on hand for folks that order them with their M-Series. No waiting for me. My OM S/N is 294.

I ordered the Multi-Mag, and when it arrived, I added the butt-stock pad (which I forgot to order with it originally), swapped out the mag-catch to a SIG part, added a SIG Romeo5, and have almost 600 rounds through it now.

Definitely a fun-gun, and pretty dang accurate to boot.

Just my 2c worth…hope it helps.


What kind of ammo were you using?


@LostHawaiian Welcome to the Brotherhood. Don’t forget to go to the First Post Here: Introduce Yourself! thread and say Hi to everybody.



Welcome to the MCarbo Brotherhood, Richard.


Thanks for taking the time, I appreciate your post and like knowing how things flow with it.

I meant to call them yesterday but was tied up at a funeral and then forgot.



Gary, that is how WE roll around here, brother. There are 1000’s of years experience among us! We aren’t getting any younger so we cannot afford to be making any ‘rookie’ mistakes??? :grin:

I know patience isn’t the easy attribute for an old soul. Remember, to take a deep breath before breathing! Best of luck and happy shooting, brother! :+1:


I’d like to report that I too had extremely fast service from kel-tec on my S2K.
Sent it in 11/2 for grip replacements, elongated safety holes, and received it back today, 11/9.
And it does contain my parts, namely the mCarbo recoil spring mod for the charging handle.
I didn’t want to reverse that, removed all other upgrades though and restored it to OEM before
shipping back. Got updates when they received it, entered the shop, was finished and sent back.
All went very well.


You really didn’t need to remove your upgrades. They would have repaired it and reinstalled them for you. Mine came back with all the MCARBO upgrades reinstalled.

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I have trust issues you know :slight_smile:


as it turns out, should have, somebody at Keltec put the grip screws in so tight, two had the hex head stripped and some of the others were so tight I had to disassemble both sides and work two posts with pliers and fortunately had a stainless steel hex set from the Czech Republic that does well with burgered up heads. I guess another order from mCarbo for the screw and post set.
Just another disappointment from Keltec, I don’t know what to think about them some days.
Like a wife who drinks, one day is good and the next day is hell.