My Ruger 57 is going back for the 5th time!

I own several Rugers (6) and have always been happy with their quality and service. That is until I bought a Ruger57. I own an FN 5.7 and have zero problems with it but it isn’t as comfortable to carry or shoot as the Ruger. The first time I sent it in they sent me a whole new gun. I started having small problems like hairline cracks in the polymer portion of the gun, the safety hanging up, the magazines weren’t staying in place, etc. Ruger has fixed them each time at no charge. The pistol has been good for a little more than a year when the mounting screws for the optic plate from “Shop Ruger” snapped off while running a drill at the range and my new Holosun went flying off. Instead of sending it in I took to the LGS that’s building my custom 1911 and now realize that may have been a mistake.
The most recent issue is the trigger is not operating the hammer at all and there appears to be a spring that has either jumped out of place or broken that’s next to the trigger but in-between the action and polymer frame. To send the gun back I had to remove the optic and noticed that the plate underneath was a little loose. when I backed out the screws for the plate one was bent and it appears he drilled and tapped for larger screws but in a very sloppy way. I may have to order a new slide and plate if I want to keep the optic (which I do). I’m hoping Ruger won’t tell me that I voided any warranty by having him work on the firearm. I’m also a little worried about my 1911 now that I saw what he did on the 57!


YIKES! I have a RUGER 57. I have had the slide black Cerakoted, added a HOLOSUN 509T enclosed sight and purchased a 3rd magazine. Do far after over 200 rounds down the spout all is working well. But now it’s shooting dollar bill - literally!
So I’ll save my 5.7 hoard for the zombie apocalypse or any jerk “militias”. I only got the “57” because I have a nicely upgraded PS90 carbine.

That makes 4 pistol/carbine combinations I have that shoot the same ammo.
Never meant to do that but it “just happened”. That’s my story and I’m sticking’ to it.


Heard from Bonny at customer service today, this will be the 2nd full replacement for a third 57 @ no charge. They obviously have had some issues with these but I’ll stay loyal since all my other Rugers have been fantastic and so is their service! Maybe the 5th time’s the charm. I live in the communist state of NY so a PC is kind of out of the question. I could actually build one but it would be ridiculously expensive and seems kind of pointless. I already have a .223 Wylde, a 350 legend, 300 Ham’r, and 6.5 Grendel, and .22 in AR as well as 10mm PC. Maybe I’ll sell it and buy a 7.5.


Several of my Rugers have had issues but customer service has been awesome. Still a pain to send anything back.


That’s true. I’m seriously considering selling both this and my FN 5.7 and buying an FK BRNO


Hey maybe a silly question but I’m assuming you checked to make sure your serial number was not in the range of the recalled Ruger 57? Some of the issues you are having were the same ones reported in the serial numbers in that recall range.

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No, I was outside the numbers on the recall.

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I’ve almost added to my cart PSA’s 5.7 Rock a couple times.
But having to add another caliber to my stash scared me away.
Probably will pull the trigger on it eventually. I’m a weak man.


It’s okay, we all suffer from the same problem. This is a support group, not a forum… :laughing:


Hang in there with the RUGER 57. The design is pretty solid BUT there are some MIM parts that need to be machined from forged parts. It’s all about meeting a product “price point”.
Also look for aftermarket upgrades coming up - hopefully.
(M*CARBO, are you listening?)

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I shot my buddy‘a example yesterday. I came away very impressed. It’s a very nice pistol, feels good in the hand with a great trigger.
Only shot one magazine as the ammo is expensive but it has me wanting one!

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I’m not sure how but Palmetto is offering a carbon copy for $499.00.


South Carolina ingenuity :+1:t3::rofl: