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My Retirement Gun: Coonan .357 Magnum

Well I have been eyeballing them for years. Ran across super deal I couldn’t pass up. WOW!!! I should have picked one up years ago. This thing is the softest, softest accurate, smoothest trigger 357 I have ever shot.

Second range trip and sighted in at 25 yards no fuss no muss. Used 125 grain then 158 grain.

The 125 come out and it feels like a 9mm and 158 like a 45 acp.

I can’t get enough if thus gun. I am impressed!!! I sure hope they make another come back as I would like to get a couple more mags. 250 to rounds so far. Loving every minute.

This came up on gunbroker. It was a display model in gun store. Never shot just handled by tire kickers. It was in pristine condition . I say was because i have shot it.
It had the “make an offer option” and I picked it up for 200.00 under asking price. It was still at 1990’s retail. It’s my retirement gift to myself so I pulled out the credit card an bam. So glad I did.
The OEM wood stocks did make It feel wide. Still very countable, just needed more grip to hold under muzzle flip.
I was lucky that Alumagrips had old stock left over of the laser etched logo. They charged same price as their non etched stocks.
These aluminium stocks are thinner and with the checkering give the grip a whole new feel. Your hand can gain excellent grip technique for 1911 and the requires much less intensity under muzzle slip.
The wood stocks feel kind of like the keltec pmr or the cp33 . The aluminium stocks give it a double stack 45acp 1911 feel. Very nice.
The 125 grain feel like 9mm semi auto and 158 feel like 45acp. Very easy to control.
Super fun.


Beautiful weapon, have always heard they were smoothe and slick to operate, never handled one.:+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:


If you do you will break out the credit card. There’s nothing like it. Great way to enjoy the 357 magnum cartridge. Makes me think of bout selling my 4 inch ruger service six and stay with my 6 inch security and the coonan.

The coonan absolutely phenomenal gun.


What this guy said. :point_up_2:t3::point_up_2:t3::point_up_2:t3: I was going to say that’s a great looking gun but, truth is, that’s a great looking set. Even the mags look great. I like wood on some guns but I think those Alumagrips really offset this pistol finish nicely. The attention to detail is clear and well executed. Nice choice. Unlikely you’ll ever be ashamed to be seen shooting it. :grinning:

@Silverback Happy Retirement!


That is sharp shooter and congratulations on both!


Wow! That my attention! First gawk in the morning.:drooling_face:


@Silverback … do folks also call you Leadslinger? If I missed, apologies - y’all certainly feel similarly about your new Coonans. So, I’m just gonna be happy for you or both of you.


Yes sir I have used that moniker on another forum.


@Dred another texan?


That is a beauty. Looks sleek.


All the way … I’m on the Gulf Coast in the birthplace of humidity. Love how our state covers swamp to desert.


@purdue98 Welcome to the Brotherhood. Don’t forget to go to the First Post Here: Introduce Yourself! thread and say Hi to everybody.


Thank you purdue98 and welcome to the forum


Oh yeah I have visited the corpus christ whew super humid. My dad from lousiana and that’s another suoer humid spot.

I lived in frederick Maryland for 30 years. Got used to that humidity. Came back to el paso texas, dirt bowl, to take care of my mom.

I like the dry eat but really miss hiking in woods and rivers.


Thank you brother. It is an honor.


That is a beautiful Coonan. I had one but the originals had problems galling between the slide and frame rails. Something in the materials. I had to beat mine apart on several occasions after long shooting sessions. I tried just about every type of lubricant there is but nothing worked. I eventually sold it. I hear the newest model does not suffer from the same galling problems. I hated selling it as it was incredibly accurate. Good luck and enjoy yours!!


Thanks. It’s an incrediable way to enjoy the 357 magnum cartridge. I am hoping they get back up and running again. I would like to luck up a couple more magazines and or that Comp barrel.

Maybe Mcarbo and team will produce them… you these guys would put out a fantastic product.

Oh well one can dream.

No galling so far.


Another great day at the range. The 39+p. Shoot like a 22lr out of this gun. Super accurate.
Even with 357 it’s still so amazing at how soft it shoots.

I am going to hunt down the compact version.

I also want the comp 6 inch barrel for the full size gun.

Dan this gun is fun.

It makes shooting 357 like 9mm.

Cant wait for the end of month and retirement. I have to start some serious reloading.


Had an old machinist friend tell me that to help prevent galling on stainless guns to use white lithium grease instead of the traditional gun oils. Used it on my Dept issued S&W model 6906 9mm back in the 90’s.


I have been going back and forth over the compact version.

It is only on inch shorter in length and just a small amount in height.

It looses one round in capacity and doesn’t shoot 38’s.

If I ever thought about carrying it. It would be about the same as my ruger police service six. It would be slimmer but the only real advantage would be a faster reload.

Not sure its worth the extra money. My money may be better spent hunting down the compensated barrel and a couple more mags.

I do enjoy the classic.