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My Recoil Pad Solution For The Sub2K

I love my new Sub2K, but with two blown shoulders that are bone on bone, the recoil is somewhat painful. Add in the waffle bruising to my skin and I had to come up with a solution. I took an old holster blank I had already tooled. Cut into a pocket design to cover the rear stock assembly. Cut 4 strips of condensed foam added into the leather pocket. Laced the new pad tightly onto the stock, then used the diagonal slot to lace onto the stock to make it stay in place. A little leather dye, and I have a nice looking recoil pad.


I think you’re onto something there. Have you thought about marketing something like that? Can you still lock the weapon in the folded position? Looks as though you can. I’m really interested in something like that.


It doesn’t affect folding. I have considered marketing it as a solution. Not sure…With the sizing, lacing, and staining it took about 5 man hours. It is actually in three parts, that all get laced together. I think a simpler solution would be to make a mold out of mine, and use a rubber substrate instead of leather. Then it would be a slip on.


I was thinking along the same lines. That may be something MCARBO could put out fairly quick. That idea is by far better than those little silicon pads I’ve seen. I think a molded rubber sleeve modeled to fit like yours would be much better.


I wonder if one of those small neoprene pistol holsters would fit? (I don’t really have an issue with recoil but it could be a viable option for those who do?)


Here is an Uncle Mike’s size 15, fits fairly snug and can be trimmed to fit I would think…

Matter of fact now that I think about it if you put some Velcro tape on the flap (body side extention) and just pull it over to the other side it wouldn’t move and would be quick and easy to remove for maintenance!


It’s not so much a recoil reduction I’m looking for as much as increasing the length. I’m 6’5" tall with arms as long as an ape. An extra inch or two would really help me get a better cheek weld while shooting.


@Texprep ah, now I understand. Son in law is in the same boat. He cut a AR buffer tube he had laying around, filed it to clear the charging handle and mounted an AR collapsible stock on the end. He can still lock it back and gained about 2" on LOP.


If you have any pics and or instructions on just what he did please post it here. There are lots of ape arms on this forum.

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@Texprep KTOG has an entire thread with step by step instruction and pics posted by the members. (Thats where he got his instructions)

an example of what they are doing:

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Another one of their examples with a mako stock

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We think alike


The Uncle Mike’s size 4 fits like it was made for it and has room for a 5/8" piece of dense foam padding. Add a couple of grommets for reinforcement to attach it and I think you may have a winner for under $10.

Kudos to @silverstring for the innovative original concept which is sheer genius and to @Johnksg for the brilliant insight that a nylon holster might work.