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My Optic Mount Idea

I have tried the Midwest Industries mount and it didn’t hold zero. I decided that removing the optic and storing it, the reattaching when desired was better than shooting 10" groups with the MWI. I have a screw type mount and filed the top picatiny rail on the Sub2k flat to fit it. I got a short Magpul m-lok rail and attached with a 2 part epoxy inside the butt stock, filed that flat too and dremeled it to fit the underside of the magpul rail. This isn’t a super fast method for deploying the optic, but its secure and keeps a low profile and out of the way when off the top rail. It has enough clearance to operate the charging handle/reciprocating handle.

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I still need to do some final sanding and paint.

It’s more of a optic storage then a mount. if it had a QD mount then it might not be to bad but then you still have to be concerned with losing zero. How about changing the title to my optic storage mount.

I haven’t tested it. I’ll post results when I do. Fyi, It’s a cheap UTG thumb screw style riser the red is on. I can go from folded to optic on top rail in about 10 seconds. With a lever style mount I think that would decrease. Again its not meant for instant deployment.

Reminded me of this video:


lol, I reinvented the wheel!

He did a great job, has nice tools.

Thanks for the video!


Outstanding ! Nice work,I didn’t have a belt sander’ did mine by hand, I suggest this months ago,for the Crowning on the rail on the forearm works with U.T.G. Mounts and your storage idea is Right On. I also found that the U.T.G. 3 Way Quick disconnect Style Mount needs some fine tuning to the bottom of the mount for a true level and Square to rail.


Just to be clear - it’s not my idea, I just posted the link to the video I found online, so I can’t take any credit for it =)

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I used screws to fasten the rail to the stock but wish I had used epoxy and screws. The rail rocks a little. Mine has been holding zero for several months and several outings. I had also filed the top of the rail as well. The QD mount works well but is much tighter on the top rail mount than the rail on the stock. I also filed the rear peep sight for a larger hole of about 0.140 inch diameter, but offset the center toward the top to raise the sight height some.

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