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My New (Old) M1903A1

If you like old war horses, this is a good one.



I have in my collection a M1903A3 that I bought through the CMP. Wonderful rifle with only two lands and groves in the barrel but shoots to point of aim out to 300 yards within a pie plate. Truly historically great battle rifle.


I bought a 1903-A3 from the CMP back before the 2000 election. It is still in the mylar wrapper & cosmoline. I cut a corner to gauge the muzzle (brand-new barrel), then sealed it back up. Been that way for 20 years.

My Dad bought one from the US Army for $14, sporterized it, carved a beautiful stock with basket-weave checkering. It is now my big-game rifle. I have used it to harvest a couple of pronghorns, deer, elk, and a moose under my watch. I rewarded the rifle with a NightForce 2.5 - 10 scope three years ago after missing a nice muley buck at 500 yards (perfect conditions, prone with sling) with a defective Leupold. (By the way, I shoot High Power Rifle at 600 yards with open sights, so I am more than capable of hitting a deer-sized target at 500).

Elk seasons in 2020 were canceled due to wildfires in northern Colorado, so I used it to bag my pronghorn in December.

Shoots 0.5 - 0.75 MoA with Hornady 165 Interbonds at 3,000 fps.