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Muzzle-loaders/Black Powder

The Diablo 12 Gauge thread has me very interested in BP recently.
I’ve done a lot of searching and researching, to find a starting point.
Think I have it figured out. I like CVA’s Optima V2 rifle and pistol.
What I don’t have figured out is everything else I would need.

I understand about the Diablo’s loading and what is needed for it.
Not quite there yet on these inline muzzle-loaders. Sabots? IDK.
I’d like some practice/learning bullets to start. Okay. Which powder?
Wads? Techniques? Tools? There’s a lot to learn. Where to start?

Is there any interest for PB here? Perhaps enough for a category?
Probably not, but maybe enough to have an active thread or two.


One of my bucket list items is to build a BP muzzle loading rifle. I did play around with a kit back in the day, a cap and ball Navy revolver. Building the kit was rewarding in it’s self, actually firing it wasn’t as much fun as I’d thought it would be. I keep eyeing these Rifle kits and one of these days…


I shoot the Lyman Great Plains Hunter in .54 Caliber. My particular rifle likes 85 grains of FF Goex black powder and a 535 grain slug by No Excuse Bullets. I don’t care for the sabots as I find they can load hard. A lot of the fun in black powder is experimenting with different powder charges and different projectiles till you find the one your rifle wants to shoot. I convert from the 11 cap to Musket Caps to get better ignition here in the elk woods of Western Washington.
As far as tools needed the basics are a short starter rod,a powder measure, a good cleaning jag and a nipple wrench which fits your rifle. Some guys might not agree but I clean the barrels of all my black power weapons with boiling hot water only. A good coat of oil on the exterior ,Did I mention Western Washington, I have never oiled the bores in 30 years of shooting the front loaders. The lube from the bullet or the patch if throwing round ball is all you need.


Thanks for the information. And welcome aboard.
Nice to see a great contribution on your first post.
Still waiting for enough pennies to stack up to buy.

This is what I’m wanting them for, right here.
May get into hunting with them as well.


Hey valorsolo I know I’m responding to your post rather late but I do have knowledge and experience with that particular muzzle loader rifle. I have one and maybe I can answer some of your questions