M*CARBO Brotherhood

Muzzle brake sub2k

Well it’s my birthday today, my friends asked me what I would like, scratched my head for a couple of days , then Bam it hit me, Muzzle Break !!!
The accessory I didn’t have, So my friend JJ ordered it for me, should be here Monday , ordered the mini , only one cool thing left and that’s the optic mount , for my sweet sub2k, and get out to the Range , hope it will fit in my back pack with the new muzzle break .
I may just drive to clearwater and have it installed , at Mcarbo Always wanted to check out the shop .
Ps, has any one checked out Friends of the original constitution .org
We the People .
Take care my Brothers and Sisters.


I have been to MCarbo shop. It’s cool but parking was thin.
Post pics of you adventure!