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Muzzle Brake Release date

Here are Pre-release photos for our brand new Sub-2000 Muzzle Brake. These will be available for purchase on June 29th.
Our Muzzle Brake Kit comes with a muzzle brake in either 40 cal or 9mm, a custom machined Jam Nut, and a custom laser cut wrench that is thin enough to insert jam nut.
It is designed in way that it is a hybrid of a muzzle brake and a compensator that will reduce felt recoil and eliminate muzzle flip.


Long time in coming and I know lots of people have really been anticipating these! Sold out in 3…2… :+1:


I dont see any pics here?

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took a little longer to download the photos and get them posted.

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For anyone jonesing for some pics, check out the muzzle brake thread. Some good pics, videos, etc there. Here’s one to get y’all going.



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heads up I am closing this topic it is for information only. thank you for attaching the link to the range report.