Muzzle brake on a Sub 2000

Hello! Just got my first Kel Tec sub 2000 and I’m already looking at upgrades, add-on’s, etc…

My first question is: I’d like to remove the front sight post and install a muzzle brake that will cover both the 1/2-28 threads under the muzzle cap and the 9/16-24 threads under the sight post. This is about 1.5” in length.
Could I just install a brake with 9/16-24 threads?
Will that brake fit over the 1/2 -28 threads?
I’d need to find a brake with deep threads that would cover the full 1.5”…?

Just an idea, I’m an accessory junkie and can’t help but add things to my stuff that I prolly don’t even need.


In a word: no.

Get a 1/2×28 brake

Then pick out something nice threaded in 9/16×24 and add it to your collection. .308


You could use a muzzle device that is made to look like a long flash hider that oversteps the barrel. Most are 3/4” on the inside behind the 1/2-28 threads. Model1sales has one that extends a couple of inches over the barrel. The one on the right.


Hello @Beagler and welcome.
To echo @Dred no.


Ok thanks, that’s actually what I was looking for to begin with.


All said, you can protect the front sight threads with a protector from Performance Services or from Kel Tec. One covers both sight and muzzle threads; the other just covers sight threads so you can still use a muzzle device.