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Muzzle Brake Loosening

Saw a post on the Facebook group and figured I’d check in here–the poster mentioned having a hard time keeping the muzzle brake tightened on, even with the rockset. Now mine came loose sometime during the 150 rounds after I attached it, but I figured I’d done something wrong. So I put more rockset on, tightened the brake and nut against each other, and after just 55 more rounds it was finger loose again.

I think that someone on FB post suggested Red Loctite, but Christ made it sound like Rockset was better and that’s why it was chosen. Should I just clean the threads and try again, or could I be doing something wrong? I like the brake but it’s kinda annoying to re do regularly.


Mine was loose at first but I just tightened the jamnut real good after timing the brake right. Shot 100s of rounds since with no glue and no movement. Crank her down!


Yeah though I’d cranked it enough but could be I was trusting the rockset too much and I was just too gentle with her.

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Clean the threads and try again.


I dont use any loctite of any kind on mine. Just get it as tight as i can against the washer. Have never had any come loose. I dont do a bunch of rapid fire where heat extremes would be a huge factor, so that could be a possibility for my good luck


Just tighten it very tight, until you think that you might break it if you go any tighter. I put mine on once and it has not come loose . The lock nut should be all you need. Keep us posted please


You may want to shoot it and get it hot and retighten. The threads will expand when hot. Try this and see if it don’t solve your problem. R S


@RodSlinger I’ll second that bit of advice


Mine did the same after about 100 rounds, retightened a good 1/2 turn past tight and almost thousand rounds later it’s still good. I never used any locking compound.

@TheThreeLaws I also could not keep the muzzle brake tight using the jamb nut. I removed the jamb nut and installed shim washers which I feel is much easier. They come in different thicknesses to “time” the muzzle brake just right so that last OOMPH! you give it centers it on the front sight. Now it can be removed and put back on and will center every time once you find the right shim thickness set up…and no glue needed.

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Mine hasn’t come loose after first install. Use jam nut to smug up against brake. Didn’t have to use anything else.


Just for info purposes, on my 6.5 creed, I never tighten a muzzle brake. When shooting long range tightening anything on the end of a barrel will cause some sort of compression on the barrel. Now for blasting it is not important, but a long range, just the slightest pressure out to 600+ yards will cause issues… If you want to use an epoxy, find one with a high heat tolerance. That and make sure there is no oil, or finger prints on the threads of both the barrel and Brake.


Just curious, does anyone know how difficult it will be to remove a muzzle brake that was installed with rockset?

I want to remove the front sight post, instal a spacer sleeve and then remount the brake. Any suggestions would be helpful.


@Johnksg I looked it up online and water seems to be the thing to use to loosen Rockset. Some people are soaking it in boiling water or letting it sit in water for 12-24 hours.


@Johnksg I have removed 3 flash hiders that had rocset on them, just used a wrench and nothing else. DO NOT APPLY HEAT! Rocset is activated and bonds stronger with heat. I think you can soak it in water to, but don’t know if that is true.

Here is flexbar’s site:


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