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Muzzle Brake install

I will be ordering a new crush ring for the muzzle brake that I have no idea how I messed it up installing it. I watched the install video 2 times. And I’m good with tools. I just done know.


maybe you should get a lock nut instead makes for an easier install. helps to have a extra hand or two as well


Does anyone have any experience with a clamp on muzzle brake?


Yeah whats your question. I put a Witt machining clamp on brake on my mosinwitt-machine-custom-clamp-on-muzzle-brake


How well do they hold up? I’ve read alot of negative reviews but they look easy enough to work with and I would really like to put one on my 300 win mag. I just don’t want it to blow off after 2 or 3 shots. I’ve watched videos on how to install but reviews I’ve read say they are junk. Just wanting to get some different opinions.

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Im not much help in that department. I only have the one on my mosin nagant. it came from Witt Machining. You coated the barrel with blue loctite after cleaning with rubbing alcohol. then slide it on, make sure everything lines up and tighten the bolts in a patteran. and make sure the screws are torqued right. pretty simple. When given about 24 hrs for the loctite to dry. it was on there pretty good, I wasnt able to twist it one way or the other by hand. since I installed in over xmas, life has flipped upside down for everyone and I havent even fired it yet. I was planning on trying to get out to the range in the next couple of days no reason it cant come along for the ride. Ill let you know what I think after a box or two. I think just like everything else in the world how much prep are you willing to do, if your a corner cutter its probally not a good idea. but like I said Ill let you know in a couple of days


Thanks I appreciate that. I’ve read the Witt machine page that tells you how to go about getting proper measurements. And Im pretty accurate with a caliper since I work in a machine shop. Just haven’t talked to anyone that has actually tried one out to see how well they work.