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Muzzle Brake for the Sub 2000 Gen 2

I’ve been reading and watching alot of videos so I definitely understand how it works and helps in reducing recoil. Now I’ve seen that MCARBO has a new one for it. I like the design and the aesthetics. My only problem is if I buy I’d have to take it to a gunsmith to be put on. That being said if I dont get that one which way have you guys gone and why? I’m trying to get a idea to see if I can get one that performs just as good but that I can get and install myself. Also if I’m wrong here please tell me. I want to do this correctly. If I have to go to a gunsmith so be it. Thanks in advance for your input.


If you are a little bit handy … you can substitute channel locks and an old bicycle innertube for the vice. MCARBO doesn’t want you twisting against the plastic folding hinge to time the brake. If you can securely grab the barrel, you have everything you need.

Personally I’ve run this Archon since before MCARBO released their original brake. It has a very cool fixing/clocking solution.


I use the Fortis 9mm 1/2x28 brake.


Oh sweet :+1: I run Fortis mb’s on my AR’s


I forgot to ask… Did you get the control shield that goes on this break? I’m thinking about trying this one.

Does this one just screw on or is a vise required?

@QBALLZ and @00Buck. No I am just running the brake. It screws on and comes with a crush washer. a vise would help but you can purchase lock nuts that would help with that. you just replace the crush washer with the lock nut. it allows you to use a wrench to thighten it down. When I installed it, I used the crush washer. My buddy held the s2k and I timed it with a wrench



A helpful buddy is always good to have…


Question is… Who’s doin the holdin and who’s doin the screwin :flushed::joy:


Correct sir… All you need is buddy to hold the firearm. My brother and I installed a few muzzle breaks over the years by hand, no vise. Especially on the S2K, I’d be leery breaking the dang plastic chassy. I have to its my only gripe about the gun is its plastic chassy. It would be badass if a company made a skeletonized Al chassy for it.


@00Buck Ive always used a vise but didnt on the S2K for the very reason you stated. Anyway here is the finished product. Looks good but I do wonder how much it actually does.


That looks sick Yo… I run two different Fortis breaks on my AR’s they work really well.
Let us how how that one works :+1::metal:

I bought venom designs one but did not have time to check it at the range.


This may be a slight deviation in the topic, but my question is: How much does a muzzle brake or other muzzle device help? For those who have a device installed, in what area do you feel (experience) the best improvement in shooting the gun. My intention for the gun is as an in-house (and around the house) defensive weapon.

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