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Multimag mag catch for glocks?

All Things SUB-2000! Hi there, Im Oli, new here. I’m enlisted in the Canadian Forces and specialised in Close Protection Detail but my trade is Artillery. Up north our gun laws are very restrictive and the sub 2k is the most compact rifle we can bring in the woods.

Now that presentation is out :slight_smile:

I have this question.

I will run a sub 2k to run with sig p226 mags so i will buy the multimag extended release. But I will also have on hands the glock pistol grip shell just in case i do a switch to glock. Can the multimag with the right mag catch config (doesnt exist yet) hold glock mags in the glock clamp shell. Is it the same dimensions between the two extended mag catches ?



Welcome to the MCarbo Brotherhood and many thanks for your service to your country!


@Jeanson105 welcome to the brotherhood! It’s such a awesome place here!

As for glock compatibility with multimag halves, seems like it would work, but the issue is mag length, that is the main difference between the glock and multimag halves. I have a m&p and a g34 and the mags appear to have the same entry angle. But I don’t have the multimag halves so it’s just speculation at the moment.