Mounting A Scope


@Johnksg Think I might go with a Reflex sight. I only use the AR as a toy and if we have some kind of insurrection.

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That was me, a Machinery Technician. 3 years as a small boat engineer fixing everything from A to Z. A year as a main propulsion engineer on a ship and a TAD assignment on a lighthouse maintaining generators and anything else that broke.


@godallmighty well then it is a good thing we have the coasties and the Duck of Death to protect us!

I joke of course, I live 1mile from the CG station and they are great guys! I admire so much of what they do…

But it is still fun to rib 'em a bit! :joy:

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@Texprep I thought the guy in the picture looked familiar . :grinning:



The lighthouse was probably my favorite duty station. Good fishing and bikini clad women would stop in from time to time.


@Dred and @godallmighty wave goodbye to the little man in the lighthouse children!

Meanwhile thinking… “Well that poor mother f*cker is screwed!” :joy:


where was it stored ?

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@Turmeric1 In a hot dry climate until last year then out at the Oregon coast in a box in the closet. I’m going to take it out the next dry day and give it one more try,maybe I was just having a bad day.


@godallmighty I have friends with scopes that have trouble zeroing them and when I bore sight it they are way off. I am a fan of bore sighting before I head to the range, has the scope been bore sighted? It really gives you a good starting point at the range.


@dave67 Thanks , watching how to bore site an AR now. :+1:


Color me stupid, I was just messing around with the scope and figured out that the turret marked with the r ,thought it meant right, really moves the cross hair up and down and the one marked with the “up” moves it left or right. Knowing this should make adjustments a little easier . :grinning:


@godallmighty Well I did something similar once…realized I had the scope mounted sideways! :open_mouth:

(Don’t tell anyone though, I still feel kinda foolish.)


leatherwood scopes used to make a left handed model scope. turrents are on the wrong side for a righty, and leftys as well. took me 2 hours to get one sighted in once, cause i kept clicking what i thought was right, I it kept movein further left.

aimpoint made the old 1st gen COMP M/ML ML batt and switch were on the opposite side of the sight, one of the ones i still got that works. (knocking hard on wood):smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:
we have all had our moments with optics im sure…

Thoughts On An Offset Mount?