Mounting A Scope


Just got back from shooting my AR 556. I mounted a Bausch and Lomb 8b Balvar 2.5 - 8 scope and I am having problems sighting it in. The question is , is it possible that I tightened the scope ring too tight and it is stopping the cross hairs from moving during adjustments? Unknown whether it worked before I mounted the bracket.


@godallmighty my dear Duck, its possible but highly unlikely. Do you get any movement of impact at all when you adjust elevation and windage?


Mr Cuddles , The only time it changed the point of impact is when I dialed it all the way to it’s limits. I could not even find the point of impact then. When I dialed it back from the limit, it went back to shooting low left. I got great groups , but not where I wanted them. :open_mouth:


If you torqued a 30mm scope into a 1" ring - expect the unexpected. If the rings are correct for the scope … It shouldn’t 'cause a problem.


@Dred Yea I had to use shims

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But it did move?

I agree with @Dred (still miss the old avatar Milt!) Check make sure the right rings, that said you would not be the first guy to get bad turrets from the factory!


@Johnksg yes, but only when it went to fully turned .I don’t think that I can blame the turrets on the factory. This was made back between 1968 - 1973 .
It looks to be in almost new condition except for this little problem. @Dred I just re checked with the micrometer and it measures at 1.05 in.

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Try removing the scope from the rings. Take some chalk and put it on the scope where the rings set. Reattach the scope in the rings and tighten as you normally would. Take it all apart again and look for an even transfer of the chalk to the rings. If you have an uneven transfer you may need to lap in your rings. I had a deer rifle many years ago that had the same problem and after a couple years of trying to get it right, a guy I hunted with helped me correct the problem. You can get everything needed to lap them in from Midway USA.


@Texprep Thanks for the advice, I will give it a try.


It’s worth a try before giving up as I almost did. He explained it to me as the recoil was causing just enough movement that it was scattering my shots. If yours is grouping good but just not adjusting properly, it may not work for you.


@godallmighty man Howard, buy a NEW scope my brother! :astonished:

I am gonna pass the hat…

“Sir, spare some change to buy an old Cav guy a proper scope? For just pennies a day you to can help an old codger hit the mark!”


@Texprep Thanks for the clarification . I think the first thing I will try is a different scope mount made for a 1inch scope and see what happens.

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I was thinking the same thing but from a fellow Coast Guardsman angle. Wonder if we can get Sally Struthers to make a plea to the rest of the forum.


@Johnksg You are right I should just go out and buy a good red dot, but that would be breaking with what my wife calls me, :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: a cheap old bastard.


It’s the CG in you, it’s not being cheap. Being the bastard child of the military we got every other branch of the services old broken hand me downs and had to learn to fix anything with nothing.


@godallmighty some things age better than others…women and optics aren’t on the list!

P.S. Please don’t tell my wife I said that!! She has aged beautifully and is just perfect in every way!


@Texprep “ We the willing, led by the unknowing, are doing the impossible for the ungrateful. We have done so much, with so little, for so long, we are now qualified to do anything, with nothing .” The story of the CG.


@Johnksg Mr Cuddles , Lucky you’re my friend or I could probably blackmail you for the price of a new scope.


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@godallmighty @Texprep Funny, just this morning I was chatting with a young CG man who is an engineer…

He fixes everything “from the diesels to the coffee pots!”


@godallmighty go to bimart and get yourself a new Vortex Scope…they carry them now since they got a new buyer!