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Most of us grow less inclined to tempt fate as we age

And then there’s idiots like me! I tend to reload fairly dangerous rounds that have little or no data available so in my quest to find something else stupid to do, I stumbled across “J D Components” and decided to order some .22 to .30caliber sabots.
In actuality I was looking to see if there was such a thing as .204 to .223 sabots so I can use the 500 bullets I accidentally ordered! When I read JD’s page I thought it might be interesting to see if I could shoot a 70gn. GMX .224 dia. bullet @ around 4000fps. out of a 300 Ham’r which of course, there are no reference points for!
I’ll write Bill Wilson who invented the Ham’r to see if he has any suggestions. I’m fairly certain he’ll have somewhere I can go…


Any words from Bill Wilson?

Not yet, I emailed his site.