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Most Fun To Shoot?


My Sub 2000 after full M*CARBO upgrades and a SPARC AR red dot. A big part of the fun is I can afford to shoot more often because 9mm ammo is relatively inexpensive.


My wife’s lightweight AR-15 with a CMMG drop-in .22LR bolt and M&P 15/22 magazine adapter. When it goes to the range with us, we are still smiling about shooting it when we’re on the road home.

Giggly-fun shooting!!

Gene Beaird
Pearland, Texas


:+1:t2: Love my CMMG AR-15 .22 conversion kit!! Big fun!


Been looking at getting one of those. Definitely cheaper to shoot that .223


It works great in my Core15 and my Bushmaster. I had a Sig AR that didn’t like it or anything that wasn’t premium ammo, for that matter. I think they have really tight tolerances. Needless to say it found a new home. Picky eaters… no fun in a rifle or a date. :rofl:

The only problem with the CMMG is the .22’s themselves, they tend to be dirty, dirty, dirty. I try to shoot it when I’m ready to give it a thorough cleaning.


They’re no tack-driver, but just stupid, silly fun shooting with reasonable accuracy. I really haven’t seen them too much more dirty than .223 ammo, but that’s just me.

We’ve enjoyed shooting the .22 so much, I’ve been thinking about building a dedicated .22 AR with a .22-spec barrel. I think that would be more-accurate, but won’t know until we build it.


Most fun to shoot is usually the latest one I’ve bought.


These threads remind me of “what’s the best way to have sex?”. I mean is there really a bad way?

Fun to read everyone’s perspectives tho