M*CARBO Brotherhood

Most Fun To Shoot?


So my favorite rifle to shoot used to be a tie between my AR 15 and my Henry lever action 22LR. Now it has to be my Kel-Tec S2K. After doing the MCARBO upgrades on it is an absolute blast.

What is your favorite firearm to shoot?


Tough call. After narrowly edging out a couple 1911s, the Marlin 1894CS (JM Vintage) is the best bringer of smiles.


I would have to say either my naa 22mag mini revolver or my sub2k here is pic of targets i shot yesterday with sub2k now that i have upgraded with all the mcarbo parts top target was at 70 yards bottom was 25 yards rapid fire half dollar size targets with iron sights



Believe it or not, I enjoy shooting my ‘little’ Ruger SR22. Ammunition is cheap and it seems to be fairly accurate up to 15 yards (provided my vision is that good?) lol I can run pretty much any type of round through it and it spits it out without any trouble!


Wow! My favorite one to shoot. That’s a very tough call, but I think it’s going to be my M1 Garand. I absolutely love shooting that rifle, and there is a tremendous feeling of accomplishment when it puts one through the X-ring!



MY favorite firearm to shoot varies…currently it is a Rossi R92 in 357. Up to 50 yards I can shoot 2inch groups with the buckhorn sites.


The S2K is a lot of fun, but my Ruger Mark IV 22/45 is even more fun to shoot - and cheaper. The hands down winner for fun though is the old Browning BL-22 lever action rifle I’ve owned since I was around 11 years old.


Most fun to shoot is my Ruger 10/22 and any of my Ruger Mark series pistols.

The Sub2000 is definitely up there and not sure if I like shooting that or my Kriss Vector more. I really enjoy both products.


Have to admit that since installation of M*Carbo parts and reading @TriggerHappy Polishing thread the S2K is my favorite. Trigger slack is now a non factor after the new trigger bar and polishing it and various other parts has become an absolute joy to shoot. Never a doubt now when the release is to come and the little carbine goes bang. Thanks @TriggerHappy keep truckin’ brother!! :+1:


@russ Thanks man! Very much appreciated and I’m glad you found it helpful - Happy New Year brother!


I am partial to my PLR-16, but I enjoy shooting my PMR30 and SUB2000


Probably my Winchester model 94 John Wayne Commemorative in .32-40 Winchester. Very smooth shooting rifle but a bit pricey to take to the range as the ammo is “obsolete” and the only supplier I can find for it is out of Las Vegas.


Nice shooting. Just ordered all the parts for mine. How much of a difference did you notice?


I didnt think i would have noticed that big of difference but with mcarbo parts it is night and day the complete trigger kit makes a fun gun to shoot into a great gun to shoot


It made all of the difference for me. Turned the S2K from an ok gun to shoot to an extremely fun one. And surprisingly accurate.


My KSG for sure! Can’t wait to test it out after installing the M*CARBO trigger & spring upgrades.


Tough call, I enjoy all mine but the sub is top right now cuz it feels like a new gun and I haven’t got the vector dialed in yet.


I love them all but my favorite handgun is my 22 TCM followed closely by the Sub2k. I plan on taking my KSG out for its maiden voyage next weekend so I may have a new one to add.


That would be either my Remington versa-max comp or my Walther PPQ.

The S2K is pretty high on the list though!:grin:


When you say most fun to shoot, I immediately think .22 I’m really looking forward to my 597/22 becoming that gun :crossed_fingers:t2: @mcarbo (supposed to be delivered Monday) Right now though, I’d have to say my Beretta Neos and Remington Fieldmaster pump are the most fun. I’m not sure if it’s the lack of recoil or my inner cheapskate that makes it so :thinking: I have to mention that although I find .22’s are the most fun to shoot, the most fun I have shooting, always involves clay targets. Something about a little orange disc flying by at 47mph begging to be shot :grin: