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Mossberg Shockwave: Anyone Else Have One?

I’ve had my Shockwave for about 8 months now - what a kick to shoot
up here on my mountain, I carry it weekly, just because
run reduced recoil buck or #4 in it
with a little practice, one can get proficient with such a firearm out to about 20 yds
and those stories of your hand slipping off the front grip and getting in front of the muzzle?
That’s what the strap is for


I am sure the recoil is enough to keep from miss feeding the next round until you are willing to have more fun?
With a Remington High velocity slug a charging ==== would be a thing of the past.

I think a rail mounted laser would help.

once you learn how to shoot it, the recoil isn’t bad
I lean into the firearm, push tight on the front strap with my left hand and the left arm and shoulder take up most of the recoil. The birdshead grip distributes the recoil up your arm, not just a massive jolt to your wrist
or you can brace it along your body or hip
NEVER fire one single handed
I put an ole military silent sling on it, but also have a back scabbard for it (more secure as I hike)

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It sounds like a sound defense tool. Which mountains are you in?
Is it drilled receiver for a short rail?

@oldmanonthemountain Probably less that a box.
With a reliable laser Cougar lion elk moose bear boar or other unsuspected vermin all dead meat within 5-7 yards

@Turmeric @Patriot1 Has two of them and he has mounted picatinny rails and red dots on them.


Good man.It appears you know the best way to get your way.

Believe @Patriot1 has two the twins I believe

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Yes, the receiver is drilled and tapped
the Shockwave has the heavy wall 590 barrel
I reside in the Western Cascade range, can see Mt St Helens out the window
we can’t carry these loaded in a vehicle in Washington, even with a concealed permit,
but on my property, who’s to say
just for JPs, I fired it out the window of a pickup once - not something I’m ever going to do again!!


@dave67 how do you aim it with a dot?

@Turmeric I don’t know, I don’t have one…I wouldn’t want that thing anywhere near my face.

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Passenger or drivers side ?

I miss followed thread.

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Ha Ha
drivers side - muzzle was outside the truck
if it had been across the cab, inside, I think it would have taken out the windshield with the concussion
I’ve seen actors in movies fire a sawed off across the inside of a truck
Hollywood fiction

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and better yet, I fired a Dragon’s breath round out of it, down the field, at night
it lit up the field for 75yds, the load stayed burning and bounced off the wet grass, dissipating into a fiery mist into the air
fired during the rainy season - no chance of brush or forest fire


I am sure you hit what you were aiming at!
How long did it take to grab the steering wheel again ?

@oldmanonthemountain I have some Dragons Breath but have never fired it. My friend has a good size pond on his farm that I want to shoot it over, no chance of fire there.

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there is a family in Utah who hand manufactures a version of Dragon’s breath, we can get them at the gun shows, my son calls her the “shotgun lady”
I’ve fired a dragons breath into the windshiled of an old Dodge van from a 20’ bbl Mossberg, just to see
pitted the windshield and produced a fireworks display that was impressive.
would not have wanted to be in that van
fired one down in the woods after a snow storm - I have 200’ tall fir trees, covered in snow
one of the most beautify sights I’ve seen, as it lit up the snow on the ground and in the trees above for at least 60 yds
my wife said she saw the forest glow brightly for about a sec from up at the house
you just can’t capture that on film

there is a socially acceptable reason to have dragon’s breath rounds
each summer, we has “slash burns” to burn off piles of all the dead and culled wood from our forest before fire season
my neighbor and I use dragon’s breath to set off the piles - in a controlled burn


I recently purchased (2) 12 ga SW’s in FDE. I like the 14” barrel overall length of 26.5” and ease of operation in a close quarter encounter should the need arise. I took both the “twins” to the range the other day and ran them a bit. I shot #8 bird shot to get a feel for the weapon and then moved to 00 buck. In my opinion the recoil is not objectionable at all. You do have to understand how to operate these shotties or you may not enjoy shooting them. I had zero difficulties but found they do shoot a bit high. This has been reported by other owners. Given the short barrel and recoil, I expected this but learned to shoot low and began to learn and adapt quickly to the weapon.

I decided to add a PA red dots to both SW’s and just this past week my 12 ga laser boresight arrived. So I hope to get the twins dialed in very soon with slugs. After this my HD load round will likely be #4 buckshot. I will then focus in on training up with the red dot optic. Lots of YouTube University info out there on these weapons. You can read until your eyes bleed. We are allowed to carry firearms of any type loaded in our vehicles here in NC. I could not imagine not carrying a loaded firearm in a vehicle is foriegn to me. The twins are in my collection because firstly, I wanted them and second because they are fun to shoot. But practice, practice, practice is key as with any weapon. At some point I will post up a quick review on the PA red dots. Gotta get them bore sighted and dialed in first. Range time fun!


a beautiful set
you must understand our gun laws in Washington state are controlled by Liberals in Seattle, who have never been outside of a Starbucks or King County.
They actually have a registered Socialist on the City Counsel up there

I"ve not tried slugs in mine yet
I agree whole hardheartedly, the SW is very enjoyable to shoot
I find the majority of the negativity is from those who do not own one or tried to shoot a 3" magnum 00 Buck out of one their first time out.
I saw a video on-line of a guy who shot a magnum load of buckshot on his first shot with the Shockwave
fool had it on video and posted it
the recoil took the firearm out of his hand and the barrel hit him in the forehead
people like that should not be allowed to shoot firearms at all

enjoyable shooting with your Shockwaves